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McCain Campaign: Women Should Be Seen Not Heard

September 24, 2008

Kenneth Vogel at Politico writes about how Palin’s handlers are skating on thin ice with the press these days for courting photographers but refusing to allow print journalists to talk to her.

Long story short, they want cameras because she’s pretty. They don’t want questions from reporters because she’s ignorant.

I’m sorry, but the actuarial tables say there is a one in three chance that this woman could be my president if McCain is elected. As a voter, I think I have a right to hear her unscripted views, especially when it comes to her interactions with world leaders.

Palin’s handlers were happy to have photos taken of her with Afghan President Hamid Karzai (does this mean she can say she’s visited Afghanistan now?) and other world leaders at the U.N. conference, but even the Wall Street Journal’s reporter was denied access to cover it. And the WSJ is known to be pretty friendly toward conservatives.

So what is McCain hiding? Is she really that bad? Palin has basically been relegated to the roll of mic girl for McCain. She delivers the same four or five (inaccurate) lines at every campaign stop, and then hands the mic over to McCain so the crowd can start dribbling out to go about their day.

She has not been allowed to give one press conference. The male candidates, including Biden, God love him, have all given several and speak to the press constantly (*With exceptions, see note below). Unlike the guys, the female candidate is being shoved in front of cameras but held back from speaking to the press. This has prompted accusations that McCain is treating his own candidate in a sexist way, including this rant from CNN’s Campbell Brown. It’s short, but worth a watch.

*All Aboard the No Talk Express: McCain himself hasn’t given a press conference in 40 days. He used to refer to the press as his “base” and his bus as the Straight Talk Express. But for whatever reason, his handlers have been refusing to let him talk to them lately. In Ohio yesterday, after McCain ignored questions about the failing economy, one frustrated reporter yelled after McCain, “Has your bus become the No Talk Express?”