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The Great Schlep – When Profanity Meets Profundity

September 29, 2008

Okay, maybe it’s not “profound.” Comic Sarah Silverman takes a NSFW approach to helping Jewish kids convince their grandparents in Florida to vote for Obama in a project called The Great Schlep. When I say NSFW, I mean the language is pretty rough. Still the content was meaningful enough that The Dallas Morning News included it in their religion blog last week. Bizarre.

I checked out the website, and the idea is legit. On Columbus Day Weekend, Jewish grandchildren whose grandparents live in Florida are being asked to go spend the weekend with their bubba and puppa and talk to them about why they feel it’s important for them to vote for Obama. According to Silverman and quite a few newspaper reports in the last few months, there’s bit of a racism problem in the older generations of Jewish voters.

It may seem like a joke (the video is full of sophomoric ones), but I think she’s serious about kids hopping on planes and hanging out with their grandparents to have these conversations. I like that even though TGS is not sponsored by the Obama campaign, it puts into play one of their key strategies, neighbor-to-neighbor, or the notion that you have the best chance of influencing people that you know best, so have the talks.

I suspect that already low opinions of me will lower even more when I admit that I think Sarah Silverman is kind of brilliant even though she has an outrageously bad potty mouth. But I’m a sucker for humor that turns cultural stereotypes on their head, which this video certainly does.

And I’m for anything thing that gets kids spending time with their grandparents.