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Mike Huckabee Has Rocks In His Head But Wants Them Upside Yours

November 20, 2008

So, Mike Huckabee was on The View the other day spouting off about how he didn’t think gay people had a civil rights struggle on their hands because black people were victims of violence during their struggle, and gay people aren’t.

Really, Mike? What number of cracked skulls are required to fit your definition? Did the Japanese-Americans in internment camps meet it? How about women getting the right to vote?

Suffering violence should not be a prerequisite for equality, but here’s a list of gay folks who certainly have suffered and/or died because of who they are. Violent enough for you, Mike?

Last week, Tiesh Cannon, Syracuse, NY, was shot and killed with a .22 rifle while sitting in a car for being gay. Her brother, also gay, was shot at the same time.

A Memphis transgendered woman (born a woman with male physiology), named Duanna Johnson was beaten by cops and then murdered weeks later by an unknown assailant.

In August, 18-year old Michael Cause died from wounds incurred by gay-bashing thugs in U.K.

Jane Currie and Anji Dimitriou were beaten while dropping off their children at school. Their children had to watch them be bloodied to the point of needing stitches, and so did the children of the man who attacked them as well as several other parents and their children.

The day of a rally in support of Jane and Anji, two gay teens were beaten for being gay at a party to which they were invited.

Then there’s Todd Metrokin of DC who along with his friends got jumped by a bunch of thugs in Adams-Morgan. (Warning, pictures not for the squeamish).

It’s ironic that Huckabee chose this week to cock off something so insane since it is the national week of remembrance for people murdered for being transgendered.

The above was just the result of a five-minute search. There are scores more. The list of victims is much longer for this year alone. Every week I hear another story, so spare me Huckabee. In your mind there would never be enough violence to make ours a justifiable civil rights struggle, because people with your mindset read the Bible in a way that justifies killing people like us. I won’t look for you to stand up for the safety of gay people anytime soon.

Sadly, Huckabee is only giving voice to a growing reality. The closer we get to winning this battle, the more threatened cavemen like Huckabee feel. And, as a result, the more violent towards us they become. While I would like to imagine it will be otherwise, I expect our world to become more violent for gay people rather than less in the near future. Something for Mike Huckabee to look forward to, I suppose.