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Someone Call a Doctor. No, a REAL Docter.

November 15, 2007

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Religion Editor, Frank Lockwood, gives a possible heads up that Bush could make a recess appointment of James Holsinger to the position of Surgeon General. Seems Holsinger has been saying as much to folks.

Holsinger, you may not know, is the author of a white paper called Pathophysiology of the Homosexual Male, in which he tried to convince the Methodist church that all gay men are promiscuous and unhealthy. His “evidence”? A sample group that consisted of patients in places like STD clinics and hospital trauma units. Talk about finding what you are looking for.

A July editorial from the Washington Post sums it up nicely:

“Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality” is a six-page romp through sexual practices that would be extreme for anyone regardless of sexual orientation. Yet Dr. Holsinger ascribed these practices to all gay men and decreed that the practices marked all homosexuals as promiscuous and diseased. The idea that two people of the same sex could establish a relationship based on love was never broached. Instead, he concluded his NC-17 report by saying the hardware store popularity of male and female pipe fittings proves the primacy of heterosexuality.

Bush, please! This better be a rumor, because I know that in the entire United States you are not gonna tell me that the only physician you can find as a possible candidate for the nation’s doctor is someone who has spent his mental capacities coming up with unscientific and obviously deceptive ways to disenfranchise others. Aren’t strong ethics and judgement at least the minimum qualifications for this position? I don’t even want to tell you what the fact that you might think that Holsinger is so good that he is worth a recess appointment leads me to believe about your judgement.

In an effort to answer criticisms, Holsinger is saying his views have evolved (why don’t I believe him? Oh yeah, because he presented his crappy “research” as truth). How many millions of well-qualified, red-as-strawberry-jam-Republican doctors are NOT getting this job so that some bozo with specious credentials can have it?

Mr. President, I pray that in your last seven years at Hard Knock University you have at least learned enough to drop Holsinger. But I must admit, my time at the same school leaves me with the sinking feeling that you won’t.

Update: Looks like Senator Harry Reid is shutting down the possibility of recess appointments by holding pro-forma sessions during the Thanksgiving break. Don’t think I won’t be putting that on my list of things to be grateful for. Hat tip Americablog.