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Dear Straight Person:

November 5, 2008

Would you please stop referring to me as your friend? I’ve been meaning to ask you not to do it for awhile. I put it off at first because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I tried to make it clear by ignoring you and avoiding eye contact. Then I heard you tell someone that we’re friends, again, and I’m all, like, “What, your friend? Really?”

So, for the record, I’m not your friend. Don’t make it complicated. It’s very simple: if you don’t believe I should have the right to marry the adult of my choice, we simply don’t have the basis for a friendship. Period.

I’m sure you understand.

Oh, wait. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to interrupt. It’s just that I don’t need to hear all of the reasons your religion gives you or your non-peer reviewed research or the research you take out of context or the lies people made up that you bought into without bothering to think about whether or not they were true. I don’t need your sorry ass excuse for love either. Thanks, though.

It’s fine if it makes you feel better. I’m just not gonna listen to it. Why? Well, the main reason is because it’s horse shit.

No, I do listen to reason, like it quite a bit really, but it has to actually be reasonable for me to enjoy it.

Things probably won’t change that much between us. I’ll smile to be polite as I offer you a ride to the polls. I’ll help you out with neighborhood clean up days. I’ll work alongside you at church. I’ll register you to vote and convince others to help you if your rights are being violated. I mean, I have to work for the common good. Not doing that just because I don’t like you is stupid.

We’re clear then? We’re not friends? Great.

So before you open your mouth again for that conversation; you know, the one that starts, “I love my gay friends, but…,” and then you go on to talk about how we shouldn’t be allowed to marry someone we are attracted to or shouldn’t have access to the same rights, responsibilities, and benefits as every other married couple, or shouldn’t be parents and how our children should remain bastards all of their life– right, that one– before you start that conversation, remember our little talk, okay?

Just to be on the safe side, why don’t you practice it with me: “I don’t have gay friends. I don’t have gay friends. I don’t have gay friends.” See, that’s not so hard.

Not your friend,


This letter is in response to this bit of news we got today:

Los Angeles stops issuing marriage licenses to gay couples

The Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office stopped issuing same-sex marriage licenses after a majority of voters approved a ballot measure to eliminate the right of gay couples to marry, the agency said Wednesday.

Voters in California, Arizona and Florida weighed in on constitutional bans on same-sex marriage.

As of 11:30 p.m. ET, 52 percent of voters had approved California’s Proposition 8, with 99 percent of precincts reporting.

The amendment to the state constitution overrides a state Supreme Court ruling in May that legalized same-sex marriage.

Arkansas and Indiana, In The Pink

October 17, 2008

Don’t go looking at THIS link unless you want to get addicted to poll numbers and statistics in less than five seconds, but I noticed for the first time Arkansas is moving from being a solid red state for McCain to a pink state.

Indiana is back from being light blue to pink.

What on earth are these two campaigns going to do for the next three weeks? Can’t we just vote already? Oh, yeah. In Indiana we can right now. Early voting in Arkansas begins October 20. Why wait?

Walk Ignorant: The Jerry Cox Story

January 27, 2008

Having successfully convinced Arkansans back in 2004 to amend their constitution so that gay people are forbidden to protect their relationships with marriage rights, Jerry Cox of the Arkansas Family Council, is now officially working to make it illegal for anyone BUT married couples or singles who swear to be sexually abstinent to foster and adopt children. So if you are a gay single person who adopts are you supposed to swear to never find a long-term committed partnership? If you find a partner, does the state split your family up? How are we even HAVING this conversation?

All of this despite the fact that even now there aren’t enough adoptive and foster parents to go around, and also despite the fact that the Arkansas supreme court, which included conservative Huckabee appointees, voted unanimously to strike down a prior ban against gay adoptive/foster parents based on findings in peer-reviewed research that indicate children of gay parents do just as well as those of straight parents, and also despite the fact that no one can point to problems with gay Arkansan’s adopting in the past. Court quote excerpts HERE.

Cox said he will visit churches to get the 62,000 signatures required to put it on the November ballot.

It makes me so sad to see how easily duped into hateful action some of my Christian brothers and sisters are. In this case I fear that my fellow believers will make the mistake of further disadvantaging Arkansas’ orphaned children, something God clearly frowns upon. But as I’ve said before, if I’m wrong and the initiative fails, I will gladly stand on the steps of the Arkansas capitol building and yell, “I am a giant douche bag” at the top of my lungs.