Obama Back in Indiana Where His Stock Appears to Be Rising

Here is a link to some awesome photos of Obama’s rally in Indianapolis today. 35,000 people showed up. A friend of mine got to shake his hand.

I volunteered at the last rally, and I can tell you, anything that involves tens of thousands of people is kind of crazy. But he picked a good day to drop in. Fall in Indiana is a joy, and this day sparkled. John and I decided to take advantage of the probability that most Obama supporters were rallying. We voted.

It was the easiest time I’ve ever had getting into the city county building. No security lines – none. But you can only enter through the Delaware Street entrance if you are going to vote early. It took no time, but like I said, Obama was speaking up the street. Just bring your state issued photo ID, and that’s all you need.

There are more reasons for Indiana Democrats to rally. New polls came out today showing that Obama is up here. Polls are polls, so they only provide a snapshot of the landscape. Still, just the fact that we might not be the first to report returns favoring the Republican candidate for a change has Obama supporters in Indiana looking forward to election night.

I’m praying for the Obama family as they go to visit his grandmother who is in a bad way right now.

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One Comment on “Obama Back in Indiana Where His Stock Appears to Be Rising”

  1. Troy Says:

    The pictures were fantastic. I am praying for his safety and the safety of his family.

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