Obama: I Won’t Throw The First Punch, But I Will Throw the Last One

As McCain lobs discredited and gaseous Ayre’s accusations, Obama strikes back with the truth about how McCain ended up getting such a bad reputation on economic policy.

In the ’80s, McCain was wined and dined by savings and loan owner Charles Keating. Actually, it wasn’t just dinner. Keating sent McCain and his entire (already wealthy) family and their babysitter off on vacation to the Bahamas and gave them other perks, too. THAT is what I call “palling around.”

But why would Keating want to spend so much time and money on McCain? Keating wanted to know he could count on McCain’s support and power to push for looser bank regulation that ultimately cleared the way for Keating’s millions of dollars in bank fraud.

Unlike McCain’s baseless accusation, Obama fights back by tying McCain’s poor economic judgment and decision making skills to the current economy. Timely and smart.

Worth a look.

Long story short. Obama is clean and has been accused of nothing. McCain was formally accused and reprimanded for his questionable actions as a result of his associations with Keating. Keating is a convicted criminal who, until he got caught, was grateful for the cover that McCain’s unethical use of power provided.

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One Comment on “Obama: I Won’t Throw The First Punch, But I Will Throw the Last One”

  1. michelle2005 Says:

    It’s astonishing that anyone would even pay attention to Mc Cain/Palin’s latest tactics. This will blow up in their faces.

    Palin is serving one purpose from my view and that is to “dummy down” our nation.

    Your post was excellent and I’m glad I found your blog!


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