What Is The REAL Story With Sarah Palin?

So I kept wondering, if McCain/Palin believes Bristol’s being a pregnant and unwed teenager is a family matter and not for public discussion, why did THEY leak it to Reuters News Service?

Then the coin dropped. The news allows the religious right to have the cockles of whatever is where their hearts may or may not be warmed in a weird “those darn kids” kind of way. But the bigger purpose of the leak is probably to direct attention away from all of the more serious and bizarre policy related items that are bubbling up from Alaska. Like these:

1. Palin’s husband Todd was a member for years of the separatist Alaskan Independence Party (as in, “Who needs America? Alaska should be its own country!”). So much for McCain’s “country first” campaign slogan. Evidently Todd was a member until 2002. Sarah addressed their convention earlier this year.

2. Palin talked a good game in her acceptance speech about thumbing her nose at Ted Stevens’s famous $223 million earmarked Bridge to Nowhere, even though she lobbied for it until a national furor arose. Then she preached against it. She did not, however, give the $223 million back to the federal government and actually spent a good chunk of it on roads that lead to where no bridge is, at least for now. Oh, and as mayor of Wasilla AK, her office hired a lobbyist with Abramoff ties.

3. Her husband Todd isn’t a registered member of the Republican party, but it would be disingenuous for me to criticize him for that.

4. Then there’s the whole business about her getting lawyered up to face ethics charges for using her power as governor to try to get her whacked out ex-urban state trooper brother-in-law improperly fired and then firing the public safety director who refused to do the deed.

Can you blame Palin for finding herself in the place she is? Maybe not. Bright lights, big city, chance to make history and all that. Ultimately, none of this is even the biggest story.

I’ll tell you who you can fault and that’s McCain for letting himself get browbeat by the same people who got us into our current mess (Bill Kristol, Bob Novak, I’m looking at you) into picking her in the first place. No backbone AND no judgment. I’ll take a cue from Sarah and say “no thanks” to that.

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2 Comments on “What Is The REAL Story With Sarah Palin?”

  1. Rosie Says:

    How do you find these things Troy? Wow, that’s big news. I hope the Obama campaign doesn’t hesitate to use some of these things when the Republicans start to get mean.

  2. MzLiz Says:

    Troy: Informative and a good read. Seems to me the Palin clan is Born Again
    (again and again) Christian. Big thing, these days. Not in my wildest dream
    would I vote for McCain/Palin team.
    Warm greetings

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