Obama Takes One Giant Step Closer

Had a great time watching Obama’s speech and the rest of the final night of the convention’s festivities with Conor and Mike.

Obama’s speech did everything it needed to do. It was well crafted, persuasive and he came out swinging. But Charlie Rose interviewed two Harvard classmates of Obama’s who said something that was even more powerful in its ability to strengthen my conviction that I want him to be president. They said many things, but one comment stuck out to me. I didn’t type the exact quote, but it went something like this:

“It frustrates me when I hear people talk about what a great orator he (Obama) is, because what struck me as his great skill was that he is such an incredible listener.”

I don’t know if I can even explain all the reasons why I think a president needs this quality nearly more than any other. It shouldn’t surprise me that someone who is running this incredible of a campaign listens well. There’s no other way he could get done what he gets done if he didn’t. They went on to say how much he valued the voice of people who disagreed with him and talked about his incredible understanding of the law, which are also important. But the listening thing is what stuck with me.

Speaking of getting things done, I was totally impressed with the Mile High Stadium event. Getting 84,000 people checked for security and into a stadium for a political rally and starting ahead of schedule is nearly inconceivable.

I was always a fan of the idea of having the event in such a large venue since “open to all” is what Obama’s campaign is about. But even more importantly, Colorado is a swing state, and what better way to spread his message than by inviting them to this important historical event.

What about all the hoopla at the end? The fireworks, the action flick music, the confetti cannons? At first I actually found myself worried about how the Republicans would spin it. But just as I had the thought, another part of me said, “I love it. It’s biggity, big, big, and it feels good for America to be big in a way that doesn’t require bombing someone. It’s the way I want to see America again-vital, expansive, energetic, proactive, innovative, creative, committed to powerful ideals, and fun!

Am I looking for bounce in the polls? Maybe a little, but I think any gap will close again. This race is going to be work. And as Hillary said the other night, every vote counts and there isn’t a moment to lose.

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One Comment on “Obama Takes One Giant Step Closer”

  1. Hey Troy,
    I watched the speech from home and recorded it for Ken. Though antiquated, I will keep my VHS copy of this tape forever. I admit that through my smiles and “Yes We Cans” with a raised hand in Hallelujah position, I had tears of joy. You said it all when you said we were watching history.

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