Is It About To Get Bloody?

WAPO says it looks like Obama is finally ready to take the gloves off to fight McSame’s libelous slander. At least Obama is hinting at it.

“I have to just remind people that it is true that, just as John McCain has embraced George Bush’s policies, he’s embraced his politics. And the same people who brought you George Bush are now trying to package John McCain.”

And packaging is about all we’re getting from McCain, but as we saw in 2000 and 2004 that was all a lot of people needed in a president.

But IMO Obama is going way too easy. I like the way the AFL-CIO fights. They sent out a flyer to unions with the following message (Brave New Films turned it into a video):

“McCain’s worth . . . over $100 million. . . . He owns 10 houses. . . . He flies around on a $12.6 million corporate jet. . . . He walks around in $520 Italian loafers,” the mailer states. “If John McCain lost his Social Security, he’d get by just fine. Would you?”

Ten houses! I’ve read about six (now it’s up to 12), but either way, has McCain ever heard of a little something called a hotel? If McBush’s Rove wannabes can make Obama seem more elitist than someone who practically owns a small state, well, my hat is off to them. And whatever happened to senators wearing Johnston and Murphy?

James Vega of the online Democratic Strategist puts out what may be the most compelling of reasons to shy away from McCain:

He said McCain has become “a pale, diminished shadow” of his former self, so desperate to win the election that he has sacrificed “his deepest principles and his personal honor” and allowed “men he once despised . . . to manipulate him.”

He despised the people currently running his campaign because they spread race-baiting lies about him while working for Bush back in 2000. Pale and diminished, indeed. I’d throw craven in there, too.

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