Why McCain’s Inability to Surf the Web Scares Me

John McCain admits he has to have his wife help him use the computer. He says any day now he’s going to learn about the Internet. So far, the reporting on all of this has been pretty jokey (here’s a video that shows ONE of his confessions).

Perhaps he is so forthcoming about his inability to use a computer because he thinks it gives him a folksy in with older voters. And maybe it does. I find the notion that a potential leader of the free world has to have his wife navigate the Internet for him frightening, however, and here’s why:

The Web is the way the world works.

We are all connected in ways we weren’t even ten years ago because of the Internet. Grassroots efforts are changing the face of politics thanks to the Web and its ability to convene thousands of people from DC to Detroit to El Dorado, AR. Information, all kinds, is shared in ever changing ways because of this connectivity.

Computers and their connections to one another are a metaphor for the way the world runs itself. I need a president who understands this and who can use it to the world’s advantage. I don’t even think Obama’s candidacy would be conceivable without the Internet. I think he gets that, and that is one of many ways he is a step ahead of McCain in terms of his readiness to be president.

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2 Comments on “Why McCain’s Inability to Surf the Web Scares Me”

  1. lmb Says:

    I completely agree. How strange would it be if, in 2008, we elected a man to president who doesn’t know how to email? My mother, who is less than 10 years younger than McCain, went from not knowing how to turn on a computer to becoming an internet whiz. She belongs to genealogical online communities, uploads old family photos, does research, and keeps in touch. So I refuse to believe it’s just about age, but about an inexplicable resistance to how the modern world works.

  2. Sun Starer Says:

    I was going to say something snarky, but I decided that, since it’s such a serious matter and you summarized it well, I ought to keep it to myself.

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