Please Rev. Jackson, Not His N–ts!

Rev. Jesse Jackson hinted that he wanted to castrate Barack Obama for “talking down to black people” by asking fathers to step up to the plate and raise their children. Instead, Jackson feels Obama should put more blame on the government for the choices absent fathers make. That last part he offered as a clarification of his remarks in the form of an apology (but seriously, who needs it?) From CNN:

The remarks came Sunday as Jackson was talking to a fellow interviewee, UnitedHealth Group executive Dr. Reed V. Tuckson. An open microphone picked up Jackson whispering, “See, Barack’s been talking down to black people … I want to cut his nuts off.”

His nuts? Geez. How ironic that Jackson wants to emasculate Obama for asking fathers to act like men. I wonder if the source of the irony is Jackson’s own sensitivity to moral invectives. Rev. Jackson fathered a child out of wedlock back in 1999.

Whether or not Rev. Jackson supports Obama in private as well in public is not that important. People who vote know that Obama is right on target. Government assistance only makes sense to me when it is coupled with personal responsibility. I suspect that the same is true with a lot of other voters.

Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, and with a veil of thinly disguised racism, Ralph Nadar; they all represent the way political battles used to be fought. Today they seem merely combative, disinterested in any common ground.

Happily, their negative comments serve as encouragement for folks who are put off by them to support Obama. And then there are these kind of awesome images of Obama as a father (From the LA Times):

Reaching his limit, Barack Obama wriggled free of the campaign’s fetters on July 4. Caught in Montana on his daughter Malia’s 10th birthday, he improvised a party.

At the Holiday Inn Express in Butte, a city known for its copper mines and bordellos of old, Obama and family ordered a cake. They loaded an iPod with Malia’s favorite songs and danced and sang. Obama later came close to tears, recalling that Malia told him “it was the best birthday she’d ever had.”

…I don’t know whether she was just telling us what we wanted to hear, but I can tell you from my perspective it was one of the best times I’ve had in a long time,” Obama told reporters aboard his campaign plane. Then he quickly turned and went back to his seat.


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2 Comments on “Please Rev. Jackson, Not His N–ts!”

  1. Sun Starer Says:

    I love that they loaded an iPod with Malia’s favorite songs and danced and sang. How much immeasurable joy is there in that?

  2. Crystal Says:

    I LOVE that people are FINALLY seeing what Reverend Jackson is about. I lost so much respect for him when it was “leaked” about this love child. Not because he made a mistake, not because he has a child out of wedlock, BUT because he preached and preached and preached about responsibility and lending helping hands when his hands were helping themselves to the honey pot. As my JoAnn says, “wipe your own ass before you go talking about someone else’s shit.”

    AND I’d have given anything if one of my birthdays was spent just dancing with my father to my favorite songs.

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