Good Job, You’re Fired.

From the Dallas Morning News:

The coordinator of Collin County’s teen court program, a one-time political candidate who said his job was put in jeopardy earlier this year because he is gay, appears now to be out of a job.

Yes, that’s right, Justin Nichols, one time Plano city council candidate took a pay-off to leave his job as manager of a teen court adjudication program when it was revealed in The Dallas Voice that he is gay.

Wait, you say, is that legal? Surely it had to with his performance:

“He did an excellent job for the county and he’s decided to move on,” said Mr. Schulte, who declined to comment further.

Terms of the deal were not released.

County Commissioner Phyllis Cole, who cast the lone vote against the agreement, said she could not speak about the matter.

County Judge Keith Self also declined to comment, but said the teen court program would continue.

“I see no energy in the Commissioners Court to stop the teen court,” he said. “It is a successful program.”

So he did a good job, but it was a good job done by a gay man. Oh, and by the way, it is legal to fire someone because they are gay in Collin County, Texas. But thankfully, the same is not true here in Marion County, Indiana thanks to a Human Rights Ordinance we fought hard for a couple of years ago. And THIS is exactly why we did it.

A lot of people will criticize Nichols for taking the pay-off (basically hush money is what it sounds like), but I for one am grateful that he bilked tax-payers for their government’s homophobia. I hope it cost them oodles! Now that it has hit the papers, maybe they’ll be irked enough to vote some of these bozos out of office. Of course, anytime folks pull the “no comment” it makes me wonder what else is not being said. I’ll keep my eyes on this story.

I’m posting this for my brother- and sister-in-law, Ben and Lise, who moved back home to Indiana from Collin County, Texas, just in case he needed one more reason to be away from that bizarre conservative bubble.

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One Comment on “Good Job, You’re Fired.”

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