Indianapolis 500 Parade Memories

Dave had an extra ticket to this year’s parade so I tagged along.

Where else would you see a sight this fabulous?

Frilly Fabulousness

I have no idea who these girls are or why they were dressed up like giant toilet paper cozies,


but aren’t they frilly?

Giant balloons are always fun.

There was a bored looking Felix the Cat:


A kind of scary Uncle Sam:

Uncle Sam

And the Pink Panther (When the child of a guy sitting behind us asked who the Pink Panther was, the dad said, “He’s like Tigger with an alternative lifestyle.” Who knew he was “one of those”?)

Pink Panther

There was a smattering of celebrities like Patricia Heaton, who played Deborah from Everybody Loves Raymond and that new show with Kelsey Grammer.

Patricia Heaton

The parade really took it out of Dave.

Dave After the Parade

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4 Comments on “Indianapolis 500 Parade Memories”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Those frilly girls remind me of a cake Nanny made for our birthday once. Loved those cakes.

  2. Rosie Says:

    Tiger with an alternative lifestyle – seriously? That is hysterical. And, its good to see that the gay community was represented in the 500 parade.

  3. Susan Says:

    Wow…Someone has to be lost under that skirt and the Pink Panther comment made my Tuesday back at work hysterical. =)

  4. Troy,
    So glad we got to share parade, pizza and willing people into the water “Carrie” style.
    A great day.

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