Screen Play: Ferraro Projects Her Frustrations Onto Obama

Geraldine Ferraro, a former Democratic VP candidate in 1984 believes Obama is running a sexist campaign, and she just doesn’t know if she can bring herself to vote for him in November. If she believes a McCain administration is more likely to benefit the women of America than an Obama presidency, she’s as deluded as a Chicken Ranch hooker on Fire Island.

Oh, and she thinks the only reason Obama is so popular is because he is black. She implied that if he were a woman or a white male, no one would care about him. That’s right Gerry. All of Obama’s supporters are just throwing their votes around willy-nilly like birdseed at a gay wedding in Sacramento because he’s a person of color. Thanks for that vote of confidence in our intelligence.

Fortunately it doesn’t matter what Geraldine Ferraro thinks, at least not in terms of the general election. Her opinions make for good news theater, and that’s why we are hearing them. Still, I’m glad she’s spouting off for the same reason I am glad Rev. Jeremiah Wright spouted off: because institutional sexism needs to be discussed, just as institutional racism does. Folks like Wright and Ferraro just push the conversation.

I have seen no evidence that Obama is running a sexist campaign (his campaign has actually been quite clean all the way around), however, there is much institutional sexism in the corporate media. There is also a lot of institutional racism there, too.

I personally believe bringing these issues out in the open is the ONLY way to make things better. It is not comfortable, and it is definitely not something I want to distract us from other issues – the economy, education, energy, healthcare – but our country is long overdue for a come-to-Jesus meeting on racism and sexism.

Obama is a screen on which people’s fears about race and their prejudices about sex are projected. From what I’ve observed, he actually seems okay with that. He is comfortable with the conversations and knows they have to happen. It is his comfort with conflict and his tendency not to personalize things that makes me comfortable with him as a candidate. Well, that and the fact that he is basically campaigning against both McCain and Clinton now, and seems to be doing a fine job at handling both.

What surprises me is how people who are especially sensitive to racism and people who are especially sensitive to sexism, are NOT necessarily sensitive to one another. If you want to see a fascinating example of just this phenomenon check out Nathanial Bach’s article on Ferraro over at HuffPo. Click on the comments section (I learn a lot about the way people who leave comments think by reading comments), and you will read remarks from seemingly intelligent people who seem to be completely unaware that they are fighting fellow passengers on the USS Oppression.

Is it just that unless we are properly challenged, we tend to only understand our own oppression?

Like I said, I’m okay with hashing through this stuff. Talking is good. But let’s just deal with it and move on.

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3 Comments on “Screen Play: Ferraro Projects Her Frustrations Onto Obama”

  1. Crystal Says:

    I refused to listen to her: mainly because of the last snit that went on.
    I am just so sick of this race. But I am more sick of “land of the free” “equality and pursuit of happiness” is all fine and dandy when we are preaching to “lesser” countries, but then just as soon as a white woman, black man, any other nationality tries to do something POSITIVE or change the fabric of America, everyone gets some sort of -ist and -ism.
    I’ve said it before: put this effort into finding child molesters, rapists, murderers or trying to protect children from catching bullets, or keep children from shooting up schools.
    The list is never ending…

  2. Troy Says:

    Exactly Crystal.

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