Mike Huckabee’s An Idiot

Mike Huckabee is such a dumbass.

CBS reports that he joked about Obama being shot at during today’s NRA meeting in Louisville, KY:

Mike Huckabee, speaking later in the program, was interrupted by a loud noise. “That was Barack Obama,” he said. “He just tripped off a chair. He was getting ready to speak and someone pointed a gun at him and he dove for the floor.”

Maybe Huckabee’s son finally made it through an airport x-ray machine with that Glock he’s been trying to tote onboard in his carry on.

I suspect that Huckabee is so used to making inappropriate remarks and jokes, in private of course where in his mind I’m sure they don’t count, that he doesn’t even realize how not funny that joke was. But if we needed one more example of how mean-spirited the GOP is these days, I guess we have it.

The Obama campaign ignored him, which was smart.

Part of me prays they make McCain take Huckabee as a running mate.

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One Comment on “Mike Huckabee’s An Idiot”

  1. […] later in the program, was interrupted by a loud noise. ???That was Barack Obama,??? he said.https://growingsense.wordpress.com/2008/05/16/mike-huckabees-an-idiot/News briefs from around Kentucky at 5:58 p.m. EDT Lexington Herald-LeaderFRANKFORT, Ky. AP – A group […]

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