Blame It On Her Booze Problem

Had lunch with my friend Sarah today. She said that her husband called from Carmel, IN to tell her that he had voted. He stood in line at 7:00 a.m. between two women who talked over him the entire time he waited.

When the first one reached the table she was asked “Democrat or Republican?” She replied Republican and so was handed the Republican ballot. Bryan said she was upset because Clinton and Obama’s names were not on it.

The poll worker explained that their names were on the Democratic ballot. The woman said she was angry because she wanted to vote for Hillary to keep Obama from going up against McCain in November.

When the second woman got to the table, Bryan heard her say that the reason they were having trouble following directions was because they’d had some wine that morning before they came over.

That last part reminded me of the first part of this SNL video of Jojo the Valet. (Sorry you have to follow the link, but SNL makes it hard to embed their videos. Hard for me, at least.)

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