Obama to Speak in Indianapolis, Monday, May 5

At the American Legion Mall downtown, the night before the primary. Indiana has been a tough race for him. He (and everyone else) knows it, so how he goes about trying to win it should make for an interesting speech. Gates open at 7:30 p.m. John and I will walk on down, I think. George, if you’re reading, you’re welcome to walk with us :), and so is anyone else. We’ll probably head out from the house at about 6:45.

(Update: We’ve decided to get an earlier start and walk from the canal with Dave and Ken at 6:00. Dave suggested since it is a political rally that we ought to eat ice cream, but then changed his mind as soon as I started making suggestions about places to get it.)

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2 Comments on “Obama to Speak in Indianapolis, Monday, May 5”

  1. Citizen D Says:

    Although I’m a little disappointed that there won’t be ice cream involved, I can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. George Says:

    Believe it or not, Troy, I DID go! I made calls for Hillary that night and was amazed to see the lines all the way down to Washington Street! So when I finished at 9:00, I popped over and didn’t have to wait long at all and actually got a good spot.

    I admit, you can’t help but get excited listening to him, and as I stood there I thought that despite his inexperience and his smooth talk, maybe that’s okay–maybe he’s the one who can pull this country together. It wasn’t enough to sway me away from the Clintons (I’m too loyal for that), but I’m fine if he gets the nomination (which of course now we know he will for sure).

    So I’m sorry I hurt your feelings by calling you misguided. I didn’t mean it seriously, you know, and I respect your good mind and sound opinions, Troy!

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