Indiana Primary Questions I Have

Here are some questions I have heading into Tuesday’s Indiana primary:

1. We have open primaries in Indiana (means Republicans can vote in Indiana’s primary as long as they are willing to identify for the time being that they are Democrat). SO, I wonder if some Republicans will vote on Tuesday for the democratic candidate they think McCain would be most likely to beat in an effort to get them nominated, and thus defeated in November.

2. Obama is extremely popular with black voters, young voters and white professional males. If he wins the popular vote heading into the Democratic convention because of these constituents, but the appointed “superdelegates” still swing the nomination for Clinton, will the folks who observe that confusing phenomenon feel disenfranchised and just stay home in November?

3. Superdelegates are watching to see how Obama recovers from the mess Rev. Wright dusted up last week. They’re doing this because EVERY presidential candidate deals with PR problems that are at least this troublesome. Demonstrating an ability to handle them helps determine electability. I wonder if Obama will snap back. I’m kind of glad the Wright things happened before the Indiana primary so I can see what kind of bounce back potential he has.

Anyway, that’s what I’m wondering about.

Oh, and even though there’s a lot of talk about Clinton winning Indiana on Tuesday, early voting (so glad this is an option) shows Obama is ahead at the moment.

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2 Comments on “Indiana Primary Questions I Have”

  1. George Says:

    I think you will be sorely disappointed come Wednesday morning, Troy. (I hope so!) I know Indiana pretty well, and I am almost certain it will go for Hillary. I especially feel the tide has turned in her favor during the past week.

    I still like you even though I think you are totally misguided in some of your political choices. ; )

  2. Troy Says:

    George, since I think so much of you it hurts to hear you describe me as “totally misguided” (and that you actually hope for my disappointment), and all without even one example in which I am indeed “totally misguided.” It’s not too late and I’m a somewhat reasonable man, perhaps you could sway my vote.

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