Oscars Suck and A Phrase I’m Tired Of

The most interesting part of the show was the clip from the 1980s of Cher wearing her eyelash dress.  What was it that made this show such a complete snooze?  The safe fashion?   A complete lack of memorable musical scores? The incredibly dark movies?  John Stewart’s horrible stabs at humor?  (Are we sure those writers aren’t still on strike?)  And did the set designers just take the year off?  I know we are a nation at war, but is that any reason for style to hit the road?  

And another thing, while I am happy that we talk openly about pregnancy in public these days (Jessica Alba,  Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman) and am even a little intrigued by the fact that we can manage to make it glamorous, if I hear the phrase “baby bump” one more time, I’m gonna barf the way I did when I found out celeb parents are paid millions of dollars for the first photos of their children.  Eeewwww!  I’m agin’ anything that makes a woman’s body sound as if it is a giant pimple that’s about to pop.  It’s probably just me, but I can’t help it.   

That is all.   

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4 Comments on “Oscars Suck and A Phrase I’m Tired Of”

  1. First!
    I agree Troy. The Oscar set was 80s and not in a good way. What about hair tendrils? Those wispy sweeps of hair hanging down? Ellen Page, Cate Blanchett?
    Yuck. I don’t mind this look but I was tired of it last night. I think it made Cate look kind of dumpy even though her dress was pretty. My pick for best dressed was Jennifer Garner.

  2. Citizen D Says:

    I agree that they were not entertaining. There were moments, though, that I really enjoyed. In order that I loved them:

    1. Marion Cotillard – love her. Loved her dress. Love that she was so excited.
    2. Diablo Cody – Loved Juno, but don’t think it belonged in the best picture category. The award best suited for it was for original screenplay. Diablo was so excited. And even though I don’t think the outfit ultimately worked, it was nice to see her try something a little different and punky.
    3. The Coen Brothers – just love their movies, and it was great to see them finally get rewarded for quality films.
    4. Best Original Song – Once was a great movie, and I loved the performance of Falling Slowly by the movie’s stars. Besides, John Stewart almost made up for his terrible hosting abilities by allowing Marketa Irglova to come back out and give her acceptance speech.

  3. Susan Says:

    Completely agree! I did however enjoyed the preshow of Red Carpetness…and it did have a few good moments that I loved.

  4. Can you do an entire post on phrases we’re tired of hearing? I would do it but Running Peanut is down and I need you to carry the torch.

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