Valentine Day Shots

How I knew today was Valentine’s Day: 

 Three times in five minutes the woman waiting on me at the license branch said to the co-worker friend next to her: “I guess he ain’t gonna send me those roses.”  

As I walked up to an open window at the post office I noticed that each of the clerks had been given a little red foil bag with pink crinkly stuffing poking out of the top and filled with candy.   

While at Goose Market buying stinky cheese for John and a cup of hazelnut fig gelato I asked Chris if he and his wife would get a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day, to which he said, “Everyday with her is Valentine’s Day.”

John crunched his NECCO conversation hearts by the handful.   

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6 Comments on “Valentine Day Shots”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Stinky cheese – how thoughtful!

    What’s the weird sandwich he likes? Liverwurst or something?

  2. Citizen D Says:

    Love stinky cheese and gelato. Hate NECCO anything.

  3. John, John
    He’s our man.
    If he can’t crunch,
    Nobody can.

  4. Troy Says:


  5. Susan Says:

    I think stinky cheese would be much better than the box of old lady candy I received. Ewwww to conversation hearts. They remind me of a flavored chalk.

  6. Paul Moore Says:

    Hey Troy,

    With the nice gift you gave John, please ask him if he needs Joe to clean the fridge?

    He will get a good laugh.


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