Walk Ignorant: The Jerry Cox Story

Having successfully convinced Arkansans back in 2004 to amend their constitution so that gay people are forbidden to protect their relationships with marriage rights, Jerry Cox of the Arkansas Family Council, is now officially working to make it illegal for anyone BUT married couples or singles who swear to be sexually abstinent to foster and adopt children. So if you are a gay single person who adopts are you supposed to swear to never find a long-term committed partnership? If you find a partner, does the state split your family up? How are we even HAVING this conversation?

All of this despite the fact that even now there aren’t enough adoptive and foster parents to go around, and also despite the fact that the Arkansas supreme court, which included conservative Huckabee appointees, voted unanimously to strike down a prior ban against gay adoptive/foster parents based on findings in peer-reviewed research that indicate children of gay parents do just as well as those of straight parents, and also despite the fact that no one can point to problems with gay Arkansan’s adopting in the past. Court quote excerpts HERE.

Cox said he will visit churches to get the 62,000 signatures required to put it on the November ballot.

It makes me so sad to see how easily duped into hateful action some of my Christian brothers and sisters are. In this case I fear that my fellow believers will make the mistake of further disadvantaging Arkansas’ orphaned children, something God clearly frowns upon. But as I’ve said before, if I’m wrong and the initiative fails, I will gladly stand on the steps of the Arkansas capitol building and yell, “I am a giant douche bag” at the top of my lungs.

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3 Comments on “Walk Ignorant: The Jerry Cox Story”

  1. Chad Abbott Says:

    Well said, Troy! I think the reason we are even having this conversation is because of “fear.” Even though there has yet to be a conservative to produce a strong case to suggest that gay adoption somehow equals the “downfall of the family” or that it ruins the psyche of a child, it simply comes down to pure bigotry. People fear that which they don’t know or understand. I would wonder whether this jerk has even met a gay couple with a child….more than likely he has not. Hence, why he is reacting so strongly and fear remains his base. As our christian scriptures remind us, “perfect love casts out all fear.” We can only pray that one day such sisters and brothers in our christian tradition will rise above their fears and see gay folk for who they truly are….God’s beautiful and beloved children with every bit as much of the ability to parent as any straight person could claim. My worry is that this kind of bigotry will make its way into our elections this fall in Indiana. Let’s pray it does not. Sorry that Shannon and I could not make the discussion at your home on family values on Sunday. We really wanted to go, but had some other things come up. Perhaps another time. Peace.

  2. Troy Says:

    Good points Chad. Let’s pray Indiana can steer clear of this mess.

    We talked about Adam and Eve and Noah’s family on Sunday. Man, Noah’s kin could have used some serious therapy.

  3. Chad Abbott Says:

    Yes, Troy, the families in the bible are seemingly one family nightmare after another. Genesis is simply one story of dysfunctional family after another. Man, Lot and his family were more than just a little wacko. It is a wonder that God was able to bring out Israel from Egypt after all of that mess. It is a wonder that God is able to use us in the light of our family dysfunctions. Thank God for grace.

    By the way, not sure if you receive any notifications from ICON at all, but they have had some serious publicity to their members in the last couple of days regarding Indiana legislation coming soon that hopes to define marriage between a “man and a woman.” Shannon and I are planning on writing a letter to John Day and our other representatives to express concern.

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