Golden Compass is Surprisingly Good

A preview of The Golden Compass came with our DVD of Hairspray (thanks Dave!). GC wasn’t even on our radar screen of movies to see because it was generally panned by the critics.   But the previews looked great so we saw it last night.  Here are some quick impressions since I really need to be ironing pants for work rather than blogging:

  1. Story line is complex but rich
  2. Well acted 
  3. Fabulous costumes – If you enjoy watching Nicole Kidman’s red carpet mojo and/or if you knit, run don’t walk to this movie
  4. Wonderful looking in general, lots of eye candy, but thankfully it doesn’t have to carry the movie 
When the movie ended (actually just the beginning of a series that I hope can still be made considering its chilly public reception), I asked John and Dave, “Is it just me, or was that movie really awesome?”  They agreed it was awesome.  
Only reason I can imagine GC had trouble is that it was marketed to the Narnia crowd, which is unfortunate.  It works as a great fairy tale, but it’s really more for the science fiction fans.   
And as for the “but it’s anti-church” hoopla*.  Well, yeah, it kind of is, but it only criticizes the part of the church that requires people to check their brains at the door.  And for that matter, it criticizes any institution that does the same.  Personally, I saw many pro-faith allusions.  To me, GC has more to say about our current political situation than any crisis of religion.  
*And the daemons (pronounced liked demons in GC, which probably wigged some church folk out) seem to be modeled on the Greek notion of lower order spirits (in Greek mythology, love is a daemon) rather than the evil spirits in Judeo-Christian tradition.   
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5 Comments on “Golden Compass is Surprisingly Good”

  1. gunstreamgirl Says:

    i LOVED the movie. my boss read the series about a year ago and insisted that i must, must, must read it.
    the whole thing was just beautiful to watch.
    i would die to have pin curls like nicole kidman’s.
    if you go to the GC website, you can create your own daemon by answering a series of questions.
    i’m a sparrow.

  2. gunstreamgirl Says:

    also, i could tell that the movie was pulled straight from a book. it felt choppy in parts. but it only wanted me to read more.
    the whole movie was worth it to me to see the daemons.

  3. Susan Says:

    Movies are whatever we make them out to be…some people are just ignorant to it. Its like not letting your children read “Harry Potter”…because of the witch craft. I am confident in a childs mind that they are simply fairytales with cool effects. How often children pretend about the things played out in the movie.

  4. My daemon is Onthia, the fox daemon.

  5. You’d really have to read all 3 books in the “His Dark Materials” series to see why Christians see an anti-god view of the movie/book.

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