Nothing but Gladiators

Sorry so slow to post. Lots going on. FYI. American Gladiators premiered last night. Will be on again tonight. Either it is really entertaining or I’ve just grown too accustomed to the writers’ strike. My favorite contestant was the little guy who runs a daycare and had to keep handing someone his eye glasses before each challenge.

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3 Comments on “Nothing but Gladiators”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. It must be the writers strike because we watched the premiere last night and where was I tonight…yep..sitting there so ecstatic that it was on TWO night in a ROW! Woohoo…love me some gladiators. How about the Hellga and Wolf? Wowzer

  2. Troy Says:

    Totally hooked in again tonight. I think Hellga is actually bigger than most of the guys! The female contestants tonight were really tough. Militia’s dump of the challenger off of Earthquake and his climb back up recovery was pretty awesome. And the poor guys and that travelator (sp?). I was tired just watching.

  3. Susan Says:

    I felt my arms fall out of socket watching them hang from those swing across deals. Hellga is huge and makes me feel good about my plump Although I think she needs a lesson in wardrobe. That skirt makes her twice as big.

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