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GrowingSense is Back

December 31, 2007

At least for awhile, and you have Mike Huckabee to thank for it, since the thought of him being president sends me over the edge.

Mike Huckabee scares the bejeebies out of me. He doesn’t pander to the religious right. He IS the religious right.

Here’s what he says about equal treatment of gay families, [I put what I hear when he talks in brackets]:

”It’s not because I don’t like them,” [It’s important to me that you think that I like them, even though I can’t say that I do,] Huckabee said of gay people.

”It’s because I like even more the idea that the heart and soul, the essence of our civilization is in the family. [Gay families are heartless and soulless and have nothing positive to contribute to civilization.]

“It’s not in the government. It’s not even in some institution, not even the church.” [We could get along without government and the church as long as we only support families headed by one man and one graciously submitting woman, even though in much of the world and in the Bible the accepted family model was one man and as many graciously submitting women as he could afford, unless you are talking about the apostle Paul and Jesus who believed remaining single was actually the more godly option.]

”When you mess with the design, you end up messing with results,” [We should still be hammering with rocks and cooking over fires started by the beating of two stones together. If a design works well once, it should never be changed or adjusted to account for new information, and there should never be any variations of that design, ever, no matter who it benefits,] he added.

”We can’t afford to do that. That’s why you will never hear me waver.” [I’m proud to be a 21st century Orval Faubus. I make a point of ignoring research that indicates kids who are fostered and adopted into same-sex families do just as well as other children; research that judges who I appointed found compelling enough to keep gay adoption and fostering legal in Arkansas when I was governor. I will never voice a change in opinion within earshot of potential voters.]

(Huckabee’s actual quotes are from an interview with The Advocate)

If you think he doesn’t have a hell-bound snowball’s chance of winning in 2008, think again. He sounds liberal enough for democrats who don’t pay attention to equality issues, and, of course, he is still for all practical purposes a Baptist preacher, which pleases the “I don’t care if he doesn’t have a foreign policy as long as he says he loves Jesus and isn’t Mormon or Catholic” crowd.Box Turtle Bulletin has more of his candid “compassionate conservative” thoughts.

Anyway, at least GrowingSense had a vacation.