GrowingSense Goodbye

Is blogging dead?  I hope not, but as more ops for different levels of social connectivity and idea generation emerge via the Web, people who thought blogging was for them may find an outlet more in line with who they are.  Want to stay in touch but have to do it on the fly using tiny snippets of time?  Twitter.  More interested in sharing resources than recording the details of your lunch with a whacked out friend?    

For me GrowingSense has been a way to workshop writing ideas, to let off some steam from time to time, and to stay in touch with family and friends.   My cousin Kara is talking about starting a family blog, which I think sounds like a great idea.  In fact, I’m retiring GrowingSense today with the hope of being a part of that at some point in the future.  I plan to keep Good Home open, at least for awhile, because the content is easier and fun for me to generate.  Plus there seems to be a place for a design lover who really doesn’t know what he’s doing but is willing to experiment and develop in front of people.  So if you want to check in on me there from time to time, you are always welcome. 

Whether you were a GrowingSense reader, commenter or just an occasional browser, thank you for letting me be a part of your life and for being a part of mine. 

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16 Comments on “GrowingSense Goodbye”

  1. lmb Says:




  2. I’ll say good bye to love.

  3. Citizen D Says:

    Adios. I’ll miss the posts but I understand.

  4. ONYX Says:

    I’ll miss this blog about as much as I miss participating in the JOUST with Diamond. Oh, the good times we’ve had – at Mug N’ Bun, with Blacula, and living vicariously through past and future American Gladiators. Toodles, Growing Sense!

  5. Lava Says:

    I will miss Growing Sense as much as I miss making fun of co-workers at Taco Bell on a regular basis. Thanks for always sharing your opinion even though I liked and will always go to the Strawberry Festival on the Circle.

  6. FREON Says:

    I will miss Growing Sense as much as I miss….turkey on every day other than Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter.

  7. Osmosis Says:

    But what will I do when I’m not pay attention in class? Thank you for keeping me entertained while my professors ramble on about the elements of valid contracts. P.S. You should probably never hire me as your lawyer.

  8. Karen J Says:

    Oh, dear, Troy. Reading your blog was a way for me to keep up with your life even though I never see you! I’ll miss it.

  9. Sally Says:

    Boo!! I’m so sad!! I’ll really miss the Claire updates 😦

  10. Susan Says:

    Awww I love blogging and yours will be missed tremendously.

  11. Anne Says:

    Hey, Troy, I was just catching up with Growing Sense, so I’ll migrate over to your new projects and keep checking in.

  12. Don’t stop believin’. Hold on to the feelin’.

  13. Jennie Says:

    Growing Sense will be missed.

  14. Troy Says:

    Karen and Sally, don’t be afraid to come on over to Good Home. I suspect I’m going to post a lot of the same things there as I did here. I couldn’t possibly not blog about Claire.

  15. crystal Says:

    UM, can i sign a petition? I don’t like the sound of this. But I do get it.

  16. drugs Says:

    You are so much like me, or i’m like you, well anyway, if we knew each other we’d make a good team, hehe, keep up the good work

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