Food Fight with Mom

Dave and I were in the food court at the Fashion Mall on Sunday afternoon. We sit near the walkway because it makes for some great people watching, but the seat we took on Sunday was a front-row ticket to a freak show!

I noticed what I assume was a mother and her daughter, who was probably 9, having words at a table nearby. The little girl wasn’t getting her way about something. As the mother stood her ground the little girl whined louder and louder. Soon the daughter was screaming at her mother through a stream of whipped up tears as she went on and on about how good she’d been all day.

To emphasize her angelic nature the girl threw a piece of food at her MOTHER! And mom did nothing. Okay, hard as it may be to imagine throwing food at one of your parents, what would have happened to you if you had? I wouldn’t have seen the hind-end of the minute I was in.

The girl went on and on to the point that I was starting to get a little sick to my stomach. And even as we left the mother just sat their taking it. I would say, “at least mom stood by her guns”, but watching this woman get verbally abused (and then some) by her daughter long after the appropriate expressions of anger had passed made me suspect that the girl would probably get what she wanted in the end.

I hope things get better for them in the future. If they don’t, they’ll be worse for everyone else this little girl meets.

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9 Comments on “Food Fight with Mom”

  1. lmb Says:

    “I wouldn’t have seen the hind-end of the minute I was in.”

    I plan to start using this phrase at every opportunity.

  2. Sad too that the girl seemed to think that just because she’d been good all day she should get rewarded. I too enjoy the “hind-end” phrase.

  3. Susan Says:

    My parents would have “gracefully” snatched me and my behind up right then and escorted me out of the area. Children are never too big for a good old fashioned spanking. That mother has got to be one sad little woman.

  4. bigskymind Says:

    The Fashion Mall is the spoiled child capital of the world. The horror stories I could tell you.

  5. crystal Says:

    oh i’d have been so through if that were me and joann.
    she’d have shown the world my hind end and then i’d have caught another beatin’ for embarassing her in public 🙂

  6. Charles M. McClain, Jr. Says:

    Can you, in your wildest imagination, conceive of throwing food at Jim Smythe?? You would have gotten it back in spades. Your “hind-end” would have been too sore to sit on a CBM copier.

  7. Troy Says:

    I really can’t imagine. In fact, I’m not sure he wouldn’t have beat this little girl’s behind had he been there.

  8. Charles M. McClain, Jr. Says:


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