National Talk Like A Pirate Day

Today is the day. How will you celebrate? 21st century pirates are a diverse bunch.

You could be Safety Pirate.
Safety Pirate

Or maybe Monkey Pirate or Hot Tea Pirate.
Monkey Pirate and Tea Pirate

Or you can just go full-on pirate.
Full On Pirate

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11 Comments on “National Talk Like A Pirate Day”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Of COURSE your office is celebrating the day. Love the pictures.

  2. crystal Says:

    you sure ya’ll aren’t drinking?

  3. Charles M. McClain, Jr. Says:

    In the full-on view are you saying “aarghhh”? Or “matey” or “blimey”?? or “all hands on deck”?

  4. Troy Says:

    I believe it was “Yaaaarrr, matey!!!”

  5. Citizen D Says:

    I love that you said, “Full-on Pirate.” It just makes me smile.

  6. Susan Says:

    Love this post! Read about this Pirate Day in my daily local newspaper…

  7. Chuck Says:

    I think your pirate name should be Grey Beard. Or maybe Grey Goatee.

  8. Troy Says:

    For pirate purposes, I think I would have to go with Grey Beard. Or maybe Safety Grey Beard.

  9. ssemester Says:

    Sooooo…you get a lot of work done in that office there? P)

    (Yes, that is a pirate emoticon — patch and all. And speaking of emoticons, did you hear that 🙂 is 25 years old today?)

  10. swanny Says:

    um…looks like you all really got into!!! hey i found all these awesome phrases for pirates at this one website and this funny pirate guy video!! @:

  11. marcie Says:

    Karen is SO cute preggo!! Love this pic…and wow, are your work areas clean. 🙂 Does this mean you are NOT working!??!?! Nooooo…it couldn’t be THAT!!!

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