Hello. My Name is Octane.

My friend Katie at work alerted me to extremely good news. NBC is reviving the television show American Gladiators, that early 90s strobe and ESPN-ish music fest where impossibly muscled men and women with names like Nitro and Ice battle it out with air launched nerf items over acres-wide gym mats.

Supposedly the show will debut mid-season. Until then I’m asking that everyone call me by my new AmGlad name- Octane. Katie is now Onyx. Karen is Shred. Marc chose The Wedge as his new name. Wedgie for short I guess. What should I call you?

Any thoughts on the way the AmGlad should go? I’d like to see a Punk version because I typically enjoy the punk version of just about everything.

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27 Comments on “Hello. My Name is Octane.”

  1. catch Says:

    my name is super-fantastic

  2. bigskymind Says:

    I’m going to go with Flexy. Altho, I don’t think it sounds very intimidating.

  3. Stevi aka FREON Says:

    I go by Freon. My man-candy is Spaz. When I made fun of him for this, his response was, “just wait til they put me in assault!” and then I realized it was perf.

  4. Noelle (Call Me Lava) Says:

    My new name is Lava. I’m hot and will melt you with my mad “Breakthrough and Conquer” skills. Love it!

  5. Troy Says:

    All of these are awesome, but I feel the need to tweak yours, super-fantastic, but I’m having a hard time thinking of an alternative. Come back later.

  6. Susan Says:

    LOL…this sent me straight back to my days as a kid and thinking my new name would be “Star” if I ever made it on AMGlad.
    So I’m going with “Star” as my new name. I’ll put stars above your head with my nerf battle stick.

  7. Stevi aka FREON Says:

    a guy in my office came up with “Wham”

  8. Stevi aka FREON Says:

    aaan another guy says:


  9. Troy Says:

    J. (aka super-fantastic) would make an awesome Wham!

  10. Troy Says:

    His tagline could be “I’m gonna knock you out before I go-go.”

  11. Troy Says:

    And until I hear otherwise, Katie’s friend Rob’s name is Cramps.

  12. bigskymind Says:

    We decided at lunch that a better AM-Glad name for D would be Swivet.

  13. Citizen D Says:

    This so took me back. I love it. Jennifer and I used to watch this together while we were dating and for a short while after we got married. We started under the guise of making fun of it, but I think we both enjoyed it (at least I know I did).

  14. Rob Says:

    I’m not “Cramps” – I’m TITANIUM. Bring on Powerball…

  15. Troy Says:

    Welcome Titanium.

  16. Mike B Says:

    Hello, my name is Contusion.
    Feeling good about your chances for “Hang Tough”?
    Think again! Mwah hah hah (big flex, awesome mullet!)

  17. Sonya Says:

    I am OSMOSIS!!! I will move water molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

  18. Paul Moore Says:

    I would like to be called “London Bridges” Yes that’s right, they will all fall down.

  19. I thought about changing the spelling of my name from Damage to Damnage…as in damning someone. But then I thought that perhaps people might not get it and would pronounce it “damn-nage” with a long a vowel sound on the nage. So, I’ll stick with damage.

  20. crystal Says:

    no name. but this brought back some serious memories.
    i wonder if any of them croaked from steroid over usage?

  21. Chuck Says:

    My senior year at OBU I was part of the winning Tiger Traks team, the Ouachita Gladiators! My name was Nuke. I don’t remember everybody else’s names.

  22. Troy Says:

    Nuke’s good, Chuck. But you’ll always be Slickie to me.

  23. Chuck Says:

    Slickie and Stickie! with help from Stinky and Itchy!

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