On Mornings Like This

On mornings like this, when it’s the Friday before a long weekend and the pants I’m wearing pants don’t already feel too tight that I wish we had a Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner from our office. 

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12 Comments on “On Mornings Like This”

  1. Sally Says:

    Soon, Troy, soon. The one on 86th has walls up and will be done before you know it.

  2. Jennie Says:


  3. Susan Says:

    Love to smell donuts and all their sugary goodness but hate to eat them. Hate cinnamon also…weird, yes I know.
    We have a Shipley’s down the street from my office..can almost smell it.

  4. Troy Says:

    I LOVE Shipleys.

  5. juliebelle Says:

    i dreamed about doughnuts for about 3 nights straight when the simpsons movie premiered. i guess all of the movie posters with the pink iced doughnut got to me. i’ve been jonesin for them ever since.

  6. Don Says:

    When I was a kid my father would stop and get donuts at a bakery in Shelbyville on his way home from work. My sister and I would be up and getting ready for school. He would hand us an empty bag and tell us that he didn’t want to weigh us down, so he just got us holes. I remember well, they were lighter than air.

  7. katy Says:

    Donuts, donut holes, blueberry donuts, chocolate donuts, plain donuts, cream cheese donuts, jelly donuts, pudding filled donuts,apple fritters, you name them, we have them at First Community Bank on Friday morning at 7:00AM with fresh ground brewed coffee. These are for our customers in our internet cafe, but certainly have enough for our employees as well. On the bank of course. So you can imagine the crowd we have. And a good time is had by all, to the last bite.
    We use Daylight Donuts.

  8. Long’s Do-Nuts on 16th Street in Indy. The chocolate iced creme filled Long Johns. Absolutely the best ever…alongside their warm yeast donuts. Can’t imagine any donut topping these. You know what I’m talkin’ bout Troy, okaaaaaay?

  9. lmb Says:

    Move to Chicago! I am pretty sure there’s a Dunkin Donuts at every single El station in the entire city. I’ve never been much of a donut person myself, but I did occasionally have one at the monthly all-staff meetings when I worked at the Eiteljorg. They got them from Long’s. Pretty good for donuts, but I prefer sweet/creamy junk food to greasy.

  10. Citizen D Says:

    I don’t generally enjoy donuts because I just can’t justify the negative health impact for what it is. Don’t misunderstand, I have my food vices: I can still eat almost a whole large pizza in one sitting. Just don’t prefer a donut.

    Regardless, though, almost every donut place I’ve ever been has great coffee has better than average coffee and Dunkin Donuts is no exception.

  11. Citizen D Says:

    Meant, “…ever been has better than average coffee…” Changed my mind in mid-sentence and didn’t delete enough text.

    Sorry to double up on comments…

  12. crystal Says:

    love me a krispy kreme, i can almost feel when they are going to turn that light on.

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