Thanks Karl!

Dear Karl,

I remarked to John just the other day that we hadn’t heard from you in a while. I get a little antsy when that happens because it usually means another batch of civil rights is about to get flushed down the toilet like a handful of losing lottery tickets, either that or some group of innocent Americans is about to be screwed by an effort to distract them from some ginormous lie that people are catching on to. Yeah, we know. It’s just business. Whatever keeps the Grand Old Party’s festive balloons airborne, right? Then, bam! You up and resign.

I’m sure you have your reasons, aiding the political career of another wealthy, hapless and easily manipulated politician perhaps, or keeping this administration’s record “clean” by receiving any forthcoming indictments when you aren’t on staff. Or maybe you just need a little “me time” to hunt the blood of baby seals so you can recharge whatever elixir keeps your shriveled undead heart and soul kicking. It doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that John and I not miss an opportunity to express our gratitude to you. We’d hug you if we could.

I don’t have to tell you that America is on the road to granting family fairness and equality to people like us in no small part because of the way you made our families a huge wedge issue during Bush’s administration and reelection. If it weren’t for you, only Massachusetts and Vermont families would be this far along in gaining equal rights.

But because you shrink-wrapped fear and scared the bejeebies out of people in other parts of the country whose only exposure to gay folks were the raggedy stereotypes Falwell and the Family Research Council promoted, you forced thousands of regular, healthy, and productive gay families to make themselves visible as they took to defending their futures.

Yeah, even those silly state amendments that ban gay marriage are part of America’s process of dealing with a bunch of new information—the equivalent of a parent’s fearful tantrum, frequently a messy start to dealing with a child who they find out is gay. And were it not for you, that process might have been years in beginning.

Now, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, and even tiny Eureka Springs, Arkansas are deciding that it is a good idea to support all kinds of families. And as our international economic rivals continue to realize staying competitive means treating all people the same, a tidal wave of fairness will bounce back to the U.S. until it seems silly and financially stupid to disadvantage some families just because of who they are.

As one of your friends likes to say, “it takes a village.” And if our village was Bedford Falls in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, I’m happy to say you would be our Mr. Potter. Turns out, few people can energize a force for good the way a villain can, and they don’t come scarier than you.

So on behalf of our family and the families of people like us who are in for the civil rights battle of their lives, thank you Karl. Thank you very much.


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5 Comments on “Thanks Karl!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Well said…My brother in law and his family trekked to Eureka Springs last week. He was surprised by the different families and countries that surrounded that tiny community. I will say that they did feel out of place without “hippy” attire. No offense to the “Hippy” folk at all…just an observance.

  2. crystal Says:

    good job!!!
    i wonder if you could get this published in your hometown magazine…or his hometown…sheesh, someone’s hometown.

  3. Leann Says:

    Love the Mr. Potter reference.

  4. Marcie Says:

    Hilarious. And, I too was so excited that yet ANOTHER of Bush’s idiots bit the dust. 🙂 hehehe.

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