Thank God for Wicked You Tube

I’ve been battling a killer cough lately.  I stayed home Tuesday to see if not talking and rest would get rid of it (it didn’t).  Daytime television is so unbearably bad.  If our culture is skipping towards decadence, truly Springer and Montel are to blame. I pray that no one is filling their heads with this garbabe on a daily basis, but I fear they are.  

Fortunately, my laptop was better company.  And with the help of  You Tube and several anonymous video pirates I was able to watch nearly all of the broadway musical Wicked in a series of fifteen minute segments. 

Did you know Ana Gasteyer from Saturday Night Live did a stint as Ephalba, the “wicked” witch of the West during the Chicago run? 

The day’s only dissappointment (other than it not helping my cough) is that with Internet time moving at about three times as fast as real time,  it was over in what seemed like two hours.   

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3 Comments on “Thank God for Wicked You Tube”

  1. bigskymind Says:

    Just imagine Troy, when you get your iPhone, you will have You Tube and the internet with you where ever you go. I showed Darling Husband Carl Neil and Sabra’s Paso when we were out having dinner last Friday night.

  2. crystal Says:

    LOVED that you watched Wicked while sick….

  3. Troy Says:

    I can’t wait Sally!

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