Red Hat Revenge

From the comments section of the Indianapolis Star. This woman and her friends were none too happy about Jeanne Atkins keeping her disabled son from his partner of 25 years.

Yesterday, my Red Hat group was at a restaurant in Plainfield. When it was time for dessert, one of the gals asked about their cheesecake and what kind it was. The server hesitated and said it was Atkins. Due to Momma Atkins’ terrible treatment of her gay son, only one person was willing to order it.

Word, mommas.

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8 Comments on “Red Hat Revenge”

  1. Marcie Says:

    Nice….verrrrrrrrrrry nice!! You go, Red Hats!

    And….I am just recently “releasing” my blog to those who know and love me. I have had a “secret” blog on MSN for two years, but I recently switched over and made it more available. šŸ™‚

    I hope you enjoy!! šŸ™‚ HUGS!!

  2. bigskymind Says:

    Red Hats Rule!!!!

  3. Susan Says:

    We were walking in downtown Hot Springs a few months ago and all of a sudden we were surrounded by a huge crowd of Red Hat women. They all kind of favored Aunt Bea from Mayberry except they seemed quite intimidating with all their red and purple feathers. It was hilarious!

  4. Citizen D Says:

    Great post title. One of the best ever.

  5. Leann Says:

    D, I don’t know if “Red Hat Revenge” beats “Are They Smoking Cilantro?” Great titles, Troy.

  6. RNR Says:

    Nothing is scarier than a bunch of angry Red Hatters.

  7. Thanks very much to the Red Hats. We have received many positive, supportive comments and inquiries asking where to contribute to help Brett with the legal fees. We have setup a website:

    Please tell your friends about the site, but also ask them to follow the example of the Red Hats.


  8. Downtown Indy Says:


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