Are They Smoking Cilantro?

From the Houston Chronicle:

“The service at Moore Funeral Home turned out to be a celebration of Sinclair’s life, although the church’s cancellation lingered in some minds, Seelig said.”

Who’s Sinclair? Cecil Sinclair was a Gulf War navy veteran. His brother was a janitor at High Point Church, a mega-church in Arlington, Texas. Cecil died just before a scheduled heart surgery and the church offered to host his funeral because his brother worked there.

Wait, did that quote say the church cancelled Sinclair’s funeral? Yes it did– a very convenient 24 hours before it was to happen. Why? Turns out it was because Sinclair was gay, and a slide show that would have been a part of the service showed pictures of Cecil with his partner. The pastor said he wouldn’t dream of showing pictures of a murderer murdering in a slide presentation, so why would he show a gay person with his partner (and really, aren’t murdering and loving someone the same thing?).

No one but the church knows why they waited until a day before the funeral and when the relatives of the deceased would have to make hundreds of phone calls to friends and families to notify them that the service would have to happen somewhere else. Cecil’s sister who was making the arrangements suspects it was because some high-dollar members got word that the funeral of a gay person was going to be there so they raised holy hell.

Who’s that Seelig guy quoted at the first of the post? That’s Tim Seelig, director of the Turtle Creek Chorale, the world-reknowned, Dallas-based men’s chorus who sang at Cecil’s funeral.

He issued an embarrassing indictment of the church (and in my opinion all churches who act this way):

“That’s where they are misguided,” Seelig said. “They preach love, but they don’t act it out.”

High Point’s URL is, but it doesn’t sound very.

P.S. The title of this post was a search engine term used to find my blog. It seemed appropriate.

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7 Comments on “Are They Smoking Cilantro?”

  1. Susan Says:

    I wonder how many people in his congregation are gay. Stories like this one make me sad as a christian person. Aren’t we commanded to love everyone?

  2. Marcie Says:

    Hi, Troy!!

    I have been slacking and haven’t been by in awhile but I just wanted to say…this is a great blog as usual. Always making strong, valid points and let me tell you, I agree with Susan. Isn’t it ALL about LOVE??

    Some people….and love the title. love it. 🙂

  3. Citizen D Says:

    I hate that this happened, but I love your rhetorical question: “…and really, aren’t murdering and loving someone the same thing?” It’s a great way to emphasize how silly, and offensive, the pastor’s logic is.

  4. Troy Says:

    Susan, statistics indicate that between 1% and 10% (most people say 3% to 4% is closer to accurate) of people have a primary attraction to the same sex, so whatever that works out to is the number that pastor has in his congregation, doing their best to hide or trying like I did for years to fit into the “norm”. Note- The variance in percentages seems to depend on the kind of tool being used to measure.

  5. Susan Says: make me smile. You almost sounded like my former pastor who loves statistics. Why hide just be who you are..period. =)

  6. Troy Says:

    Not too often I get compared to a pastor, although my Mamaw still prays that I’ll become one!

    And holla Marcie!

  7. crystal Says:

    shame shame shame.

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