More Than Meets the Eye

When John got home from Puerto Rico last Friday I told him we only had two things on our to do list for the weekend – 1. See the new Harry Potter movie, 2. See Transformers. HP was quite satisfactory. But Transformers was everything a summer movie should be–funny and fast-paced with lots of things being blowed up real good.

Kudos to Hasbro for making a movie that would appeal to the nostalgia of early 30-something fathers who will take their kids to see this movie and create an entirely new generation of Transformer consumers for them.

If you go, know the movie definitely has the obligatory requisite snarky kid moments, but the acting and writing are pretty solid, even though I didn’t really understand the Autobots’ logic behind having a showdown with Megatron in a large city where humans are in greater danger of being trod upon (silly Autobots, the goal is to SAVE the humans). Still, I was more than normally slack-jawed throughout a good portion of the film because the visuals are incredible. On the way home I had to confess to John and brother Ben, who joined us for both movies, that even though I know Transformers aren’t really hiding among us I kept half expecting one of the semis driving next to me on the interstate to rear up and turn into Optimus Prime.

All in all, it was a near perfect movie going experience – we got to the theater early, refills on Icees were free (I got another one before the previews even started), we had our pick of seats, and the movie was totally entertaining. A great night of summer fun.

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7 Comments on “More Than Meets the Eye”

  1. Help me out here. What is it about Harry Potter?

  2. Chuck Says:

    I have convinced the boys that our coffee maker, because it has scrolling messages, it is trying to talk to us, and therefore must be a Decepticoffe machine!

  3. Susan Says:

    Wooo free Icee’s! Wish they would do something like that at our theater. I’d like to see Harry Potter at the IMAX theater and also Transformers. That movie takes me back to mean boys in grade school on the playground with their mean toys.
    Great post.

  4. Sally Says:

    I really enjoyed Transformers too and asked the same question about them going into the city at the end. Then we got into a big discussion over what city it was supposed to be. That’s why you leave reason at the door, and what happened to the funny parents? They just sort of disappeared. The visuals were so vivid.

  5. Troy Says:

    Loved the parents.

    Chuck, isn’t it fun to lie to children? I used to tell my niece when she was little that an exposed piece of black tarp poking up from the rock bed in front of my parents’ house was the top of a giant monster’s head that was slowly rising from the earth. She didn’t believe me at first, but eventually…

  6. crystal Says:

    now all they need to do is make me a J.E.M. movie…because she is
    truly outrageous
    Truly, truly, truly outrageous!
    Whoa, Jem! (Jem),
    The music’s contagious (outrageous)
    Jem is my name!
    No one else is the same!
    Jem is my name!
    woo hoo.

  7. Leann Says:

    Crystal, I am with you! I commented about Jem on another friend’s blog (I still remember the words to her song too) in which the discussion was about the Transformers movie. Where’s the love for the girls of the 80s?

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