Icee Me!

cupI buy an Icee, those cups of mushy, frozen sugary goodness you eat with a spraw (spoon/straw) anytime I see a functioning machine that makes them. I prefer Coke flavored ones, with cherry running a close second. But I’ll eat any flavor in a pinch, except orange. Who am I kidding? I would totally eat an orange Icee.

I think I’m such a compulsive Icee buyer because they’re so ephemeral. While you can always count on 7-11 to carry Slurpees, their version of an Icee, the odds of the Coke side actually working are about 4 to 1. In fact, there is a 50/50 chance that all of the flavors will just be sitting their twirling in their disappointing liquid form, so normally I don’t stop at 7-11 only to get a Slurpee. But if my gas gauge reads below half a tank as I pass one you can bet I’ll pull in so I can check to see if things are solid that day.

Why is it so hard to keep these machines working? Icee machines have been lame since I was a kid when my mom bought them for me at Magic Mart. Aren’t we talking simple thermodynamics? Do they need a plutonium core or something to keep things frozen on a consistent basis?

The good news is that more places carry Icees these days. Movie theaters! And Target has them, too, but as Karen pointed out to me, where we shop (the Target in Nora, or as Dave calls it Target High School [THS], because the building looks, well, like a suburban high school) you pay for them at one counter and fill them up in the Starbucks (?). You can’t see if the machines are working where you pay, so remember to check first.

Yes, I love Icees. You can keep your Mister Mistys and their poor Quicky Mart cousins the annoying Slurpees (I meant Slush Puppys, sorry). The closest thing to an Icee in terms of summer refreshment, in my opinion, is a Cherry Limeade from Sonic (crushed ice only please), but you can always count on those, so there’s no gambling involved. Give me the pay off of discovering the perfectly ready to pull Icee and I’ll be happy.

Update: I only realized this when I saw it on my “party” tag surf results, but yesterday when I posted this was 7-11-07, 7-11’s birthday and they were actually giving away free Slurpees! I was totally channeling Slurpee mojo.

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25 Comments on “Icee Me!”

  1. Citizen D Says:

    I have a standing argument with a friend of mine whereby he posits that Slurpees are better than Icees. He also says that snow cones and shaved ice are equivalent (I prefer shaved ice). As you can imagine, both arguments usually come up in the summer. With either one, I usually tell him that, if he’d stop smoking crack, he would notice the differnece.

    All that to say, I’m with you on Icees.

  2. Jennie Says:

    I prefer white cherry because it doesn’t turn my mouth red, but I won’t turn down a cherry one if the white cherry isn’t an option that day. I don’t love the Coke ones, which is strange because I’m highly addicted to Coke. But I’m with you, Dairy Queen can keep their Mister Misty…Give me Icee!!

  3. juliebelle Says:

    BIG FAN of the ICEE…right here. coke’s my flavor! (gives new meaning to “y’all want a coke??”

    speaking of spookiness, one year i gave everyone icee coupons as halloween treats. i think wal mart was running a special on them at the time.

    i also seem to recall that coke icees were one of the few things i ever saw practical pat splurge on–she’d just flip and buy us all icees if we saw a machine.

  4. lmb Says:

    You know, until I just read this post, I’m not sure I even realized that Slurpees and Icees were two different things. In high school, we’d sometimes go to the 7-11 up on Inwood near Jesuit to get an after school Slurpee. Not Icee, apparently.

  5. Sally Says:

    I have to say I’m a fan of the Cherry, not so much the Coke flavored Icee. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one. Did you know all the local Sonics are gone? I miss me some cherry limeade.

  6. catch Says:

    i don’t know if a “slushie” is slang for a slush puppy, regardless, a slush puppy beats an icee hands down. icees tend to lose flavor too soon, eventually leaving me with a cup of vaguely red sludge that has refrozen into a mass of nastyness. plus, sp’s have too many flavors to count, meaning that you aren’t stuck with coke, cherry, or white cherry.

  7. Troy Says:

    J. I think one of your “slushies” has given you a brain freeze. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth for a few seconds and you’ll be fine.

    Slush Puppies are fine if you like drinking sleet. That’s all they are– artless, tiny ice pellets mixed with radioactive Kool Aid and corn syrup.

  8. My only frustration with any of these drinks is the spoon/straw. Straw is ineffective to suck anything up it at the end of the drink and spoon too small to scoop the massive flavorless chunks at the bottom. Cherry is deelish and if you’ll remember Troy, we had ICEEs when we were shopping for your new bed linen. I think it really helped.

  9. kara Says:

    You must be related to Abby. She can’t pass a machine without having to have one. I like Coke and the Mt. Dew comes in second.

  10. Chuck Says:

    i saw a guy working out of his Icee repair van at the NLR Target yesterday! He was keeping them running, an honorly profession without a doubt

  11. Susan Says:

    Troy I think we must be kindred spirits because I love Icee’s. Richard and I frequent the “Day and Night” gas station every Saturday afternoon for one of these delicious treats. Coke is my flavor.
    My sister and I owned a sno cone stand when we were growing up in Oklahoma and that kind of ice is hard to find around here. My dad bought our machine in New Orleans years ago…makes me want to reopen a “Sno-Flakes” and smell that sugary syrupy goodness everyday. It was heaven! Plus it was great money because everybody wants one..haha!

  12. As I mentioned at lunch today…I am a huge fan of the Lemon-Lime Mister Misty float from DQ. HOWEVER, I do truly appreciate a good Coke/Cherry mix Icee on practically any occassion. It’s all about the layering…Coke…Cherry…Coke…you get the picture. And I’m with you, Jennie, I prefer the white cherry to the red cherry any day.

  13. catch Says:

    since they are akin to radioactivity, as you so stated, i will still be enjoying my slush puppy as the world continues on its radioactive plunge, and you, you my friend, will be scraping the bottom of the icee machine for just one more “refreshing” sip, with your little red spooraw.

    where is your little turtle neck wearing polar bear then?

  14. Mike Says:

    Dear Troy – I saw slurpees Twice yesterday here in South Africa — they really get around!

  15. Troy Says:

    Impressive. Nice to know our export standards are still high and that we aren’t just known for our power hitters, McDonald’s and KFC.

    Oh,and J. that bear is going in the best dressed logos hall of fame, where he won’t share space with that slurpee dog.

  16. Sally Says:

    I like the Icee Bear’s cool sweater. It would be interesting to find out if he has a mascot name. Now I’m off to google….

  17. Sally Says:

    Okay, I hope everyone is sitting down. Icee Bear is just called Icee Bear, but the bombshell is that Icee’s and Slush Puppies are made by the same company. Wow, I know!

  18. Troy Says:

    That is hilarious. Icees must be their high-end line.

  19. Chuck Says:

    let me point out the obvious:

    Batesville connected crowd REALLY comes out to comment when food is involved! especially ham.

  20. Leann Says:

    I have to agree with J on the Slush Puppies. I love me some RED Slush Puppies. We used to have a machine in our cafeteria at school and all the kids would get one for second recess! I do like Icee’s but I think my favorite, and most odd, flavor is Mountain Dew.

  21. KBeam Says:

    Unfortunately, I live in the Springfield, MO area and cannot find a decent “ICEE” (Coke is the only way to go) anywhere! I even called the Chamber of Commerce to see where I could go to quench my desire! The only thing we have is the local Burger King, who only sells a 16 oz version!

  22. Troy Says:

    I can’t believe Icees aren’t big in Springfield. That’s tragic.

  23. pb Says:

    Icee Bear’s name a long time a go was “Slurpee the bear”… until someone took the name “Slurpee”.

  24. pb Says:

    Icee Bear’s name a long time a go was “Slurpee the bear”… until someone took the name “Slurpee”.

  25. Danielle Says:

    Blah Blah who cares for those of you that say stuff about these drinks ! I still drink them and in my 20’s now and have for many yrs. and will for many more they are good never get to old for them 🙂

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