Scary Stomp

As I drove along Market Street this morning I saw a guy wearing jeans and a hospital gown (backwards) stomping down the sidewalk in the opposite direction.  His face looked like it had been cut from his left temple down to his lower right jaw and then sewn up just hours before.  I’m certain he didn’t need to be running around outside.  He looked like he planned to be really angry once his anesthesia wore off.  For the moment he just stormed down the street with this disbelieving and purposeful stare. Not sure where he was headed, but I wouldn’t want to be the one answering the door when he got there.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him all day.

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7 Comments on “Scary Stomp”

  1. Sally Says:

    Wow! That would be a very scary sight. It reminds me of all those stories from LA of homeless people being dumped out by hospitals.

  2. juliebelle Says:

    why is your description so funny to me? i giggled through your entire description.

    maybe it’s because i can visualize it from the safety of my living room.

    hope he didn’t find whomever/whatever he was stomping towards….

  3. Citizen D Says:

    Umm, wow. Your description is like something from a movie, not something (or someone) you see while driving down the road.

  4. Susan Says:

    Maybe he was looking for the White House?

  5. he was probably pissed his insurance didn’t cover his much needed psychotherapy (sorry i didn’t feel like spell checking so I hope it’s right)

  6. Leann Says:

    Juliebelle, I’m laughing out loud right now too. How bizarre! I think Spoiledrotten has it right…

  7. Don Says:

    Welcome to my neighborhood. The “new” drug dealer on my corner of the world was wearing an ace bandage just above his waist, it appeared to either be holding a dressing in place or was possibly where his goods were stored. Either way, he walked merrily as though he enjoyed his job and was quite vocal through the night. I would not be too surprised if your vision of humanity and mine are akin in some way.

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