Cincy Trip with Brad and Leelee

John and I spent the weekend in Cincinnati with our friends Brad and Leelee.  Saturday was reserved for Kings Island. I would have taken pictures, but Kings Island is pretty run down.  Maybe if the Brady Bunch does a reunion show there they would spruce it up for them, but right now they have major theming problems, plus three of the bigee rides were closed (Son of Beast, Delirium and Tower of Power–eeek, I would have avoided that last one anyway). 

The Beast (roller coaster) is actually worth the trip though and I hear the owners of Cedar Point bought the property, so maybe things are looking up for the Island. Plus even waiting in long lines is fun if you are with the right people and we were.

On the way back from the park, Leelee and John noticed this semi hauling a couple of tractors.   We had to slow down for a second look.   I appreciate the time taken to add a little humor to the lives of fellow drivers.

Big Haul - Little Haul

On Sunday we spent about three hours at Jungle Jim’s, which is part international market, part incredible wine store and part Showbiz Pizza without the pizza and just the bizarre animatronic animals thrown in.  I found two of my favorite candies there: Ting Ting Jahe (ginger candy) and Mozart Kugeln (hazelnut, marzipan, pistachio, chocolate candy).   Well worth a trip if you have the time just to save postage on these things. 

Brad brought home a boatload of sushi from Jungle Jim’s for dinner on Friday night and it was great. Talk about awesome hosts. They even let Claire come along when I realized I’d forgotten to make her hotel arrangements. Now we’re planning a trip to Cedar Point. Heads up Julie! You and Mr. McMarth will have to join us!

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7 Comments on “Cincy Trip with Brad and Leelee”

  1. lmb Says:

    YOU WENT TO JUNGLE JIM’S?!?!?! I love Jungle Jim’s. I have postcards from Jungle Jim’s, even. Did you see the Cereal Bowl Band?!

  2. crystal Says:

    what the heck????
    is ginger candy as lovely as ginger beer?

  3. Troy Says:

    I can’t imagine that I missed any band, but I don’t remember a cereal bowl one. The place is so huge I probably went right by them.

    Crystal, Ting Ting is like ginger flavored salt water taffy only a little richer. It’s from Indonesia.

  4. bigskymind Says:

    Sounds like a really fun weekend. I used to love King’s Island when I was a teenager, sad to hear it’s run down. My parents would always take me there because they could have (adult) drinks while I rode the rides. I’m sure that made a long, hot day better for them.

  5. Susan Says:

    Love the picture..too funny! I have never been to Jungle Jim’s but my mother’s family talks about it often and tell us how wonderful it is.
    Gosh this makes me want some candy!

  6. Don’t like the candy but I loooove the name. It’s just fun.

  7. Leann Says:

    That Mozart candy sounds AWESOME. I love some hazelnut. I can eat Nutella with a spoon.

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