Claire’s Breakfast

Between watering our very dry garden and running up to the north side to run errands I forgot to buy Claire dog food last night.  We are completely out and John is working in Puerto Rico all week so this morning for breakfast Claire had a bowl of Cheerios with peanut butter and a raw egg on top.  Making it kind of made me nauseous, but she liked it.  In fact, she looked at me with her head cocked like she was trying to figure out what she’d done to deserve a bowl of special treats.   

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11 Comments on “Claire’s Breakfast”

  1. catch Says:

    you had me until the raw egg…

  2. Susan Says:

    My sisters huge garden is also suffering from the dryness and the deer! Hope it rains for you both. I’m with catch…you had me until the raw egg.
    When Trixie runs out of food she makes it a point to pout and push her bowl across the kitchen as much as possible…she’s a real huzzy about it. I give her a bit of cheese to get her settled.

  3. Troy Says:

    Susan, I love that you have a dog named Trixie. That was the name of my grandparent’s dog, a tiny rat terrier that destroyed all of the cottonmouths on their property, snakes that were 5 times her size. She snapped them in two like licorice whips.

  4. Sally Says:

    There are lots of people that feed their pets “raw” food diets, you’re so trendy Troy. Now Claire is going to want that all the time.

  5. Ellen Says:

    I really believe in the raw diet. With all of the recall scare, I started looking into the raw diet in March. I found a book called “Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!” by Sandra Bailey. It is a terrific book. I have learned so much and my dogs love it! They look so much better and healthier and they are acting like puppies again. You can get a copy of her book at Do yourself a favor and check it out. She also has a great newsletter that you can sign up for and she has really let me know the latest on the recalls. I hope that you will concider changing over to a raw diet.

  6. Susan Says:

    Thanks Troy…Trixie is the best name I have ever picked for a dog. Unlike your grandparent’s tiny rat terrier, my Trixie,…well she weighs 70 lbs and is a Bassett Hound. She would probably faint if she came in contact with a snake..She’s prissy like me. Haha!

  7. Katy Says:

    Trixie was a super special dog, that came to Mamaw and Grandad’s uninvited, and Grandad was not going to have a dog. She was special, hung around in spite of Grandad trying to run her off, and became the love of his life, next to Mamaw of course. Trixie was the snake killer of all dogs.

  8. OMG Troy. Is this what happens when I go months without a cage visit with Claire?

  9. Howard Says:

    Too Funny Troy!
    You sound like Larry Haile. He used to fix Blaze a bowl of serial every morning.

  10. Howard Says:

    Be nice if I could spell….

  11. Troy Says:

    Hmmm… all of this has me rethinking Claire’s diet. Of course after eating steak, a cheeseburger and biscuits and gravy from Hardee’s this weekend at her ya-ya’s house, Claire’s rethinking her diet, too.

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