Chris Rocks the Cathedral

One of the benefits of working in downtown Indianapolis is that there is always something going on at lunch time. Today my friend Chris gave an awesome organ recital at Christ Church Cathedral on the Circle.
Christ Church Cathedral
(Side note: CCC was the first church I visited when I moved to Indy. Sweet people, gorgeous church, and worth a visit if you are in town. Their choir is really good, too.)
Christ Church Cathedral Indianapolis
The Cathedral’s organ (I think there are several there actually) is great, and Chris, who is our organist at Broadway, knows the business end of it like the back of his hand.
Chris's Concert
I love to watch Chris play. He puts his whole body into it, which after one (and only one so far) lesson I realized is partly because every limb you have works at the same time (playing those peddles is rough). And sometimes it looks as if he is singing along with the music even though there are no words, which I think is cool.

As Chris played I had flashbacks to high school when Barbara Kimble, our church organist at the time would pick me up from school at lunch so we could haul ass to the chapel at Lyon College (then Arkansas College) for weekly organ concerts. Like Chris, Barbara is an enthusiastic musician. She is hilarious, too, and I love being around her whenever I get the chance, which isn’t often these days. I always felt lucky that she took the trouble to take me to those concerts.

I feel just as lucky to have Chris be a part of our life now. He and his partner Doug have been great friends of ours for years. Chris may look, sing, and play like an angel, but believe me, there’s a little  devil inside, which, of course, I love.
Chris's Concert
He’s also a trooper. Chris joined a group of us from Broadway who visited Glide Memorial Church last summer. Glide is an urban church in San Francisco, which is famous for, among other things, its gospel choir and a rockin’ jazz quintet. Knowing that classical music is more Chris’s thing, the day we got there, we lied and told him that Glide was expecting him to play piano at their church service on Sunday a.m. Bless his heart. He came to church the next morning ready to jam. Such a professional.

Some of my most spiritually engaged moments have been while Chris was playing. In fact, when John and I discuss moving from Indy, one of the things that makes me immediately sad about what we will be leaving behind is hearing Chris play the last song of our Christmas Eve service. Some experiences are impossible to duplicate, and that moment each year is one of them.

If you are ever in Indy, you owe it to yourself to pop in to Broadway on a Sunday a.m. and hear the master at work!

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2 Comments on “Chris Rocks the Cathedral”

  1. Barb Says:

    Hear, hear! Like you, Troy, Chris has enveloped me spiritually many times in his music. He is the best Broadway has EVER had, we are so blessed. And besides his music, he is one of the dearest angels on earth.

  2. Bravo to Chris! I agree, a blessing to all who hear him play.

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