Hangin’ with Bubbers

My friend Katie was having lunch the other day on the Circle with Alicia and her dog Bubbers, a Yorkiepoo.  Evidently mixing any breed of dog with a Poodle causes it to develop super-canine cute powers.  And of course a matching orange tote and a Burberry-esque puppy polo shirt don’t hurt.  

Bubbers 1

Bubbers 2

Bubbers 3

I should warn you that I sense the winds of a political rant hurricane season breaking through the shell of my fatalistic cynicism.  Hopefully, those of you who are put off by such things will let Bubbers tide you over.    Enjoy the cuteytude. 

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7 Comments on “Hangin’ with Bubbers”

  1. Sally Says:

    Bubbers should be on Cute Overload.

  2. gunstreamgirl Says:

    i think dogs that fit in bags are hilarious.
    i just want to squeeze them.

  3. crystal Says:

    i want to know how you did the caption
    and yes, that dog is just a cutie patootie!

  4. Troy Says:

    Crystal, Photoshop is the key.

  5. aliciabeth Says:

    Troy, you are such a doll! Don’t you think Bubber is so much cuter in person?!

  6. Troy Says:

    Actually yes. Black dogs are hard to photograph, especially their faces. I do believe his adorable essence is present here though.

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