For Rosie, Thoughts on Falwell

Okay, Rosie is right. I do have more to say, but here is why it doesn’t matter.

1. Falwell was already irrelevant. Yes, the 24,000 members of his Thomas Road Baptist Church are not an insignificant number, but they’ve believed the way they have for years. His departure won’t change anything for them. The Dobsons of the world will just take his place. I believe politics are cyclical in nature. Falwell represented the cresting of the religious conservative wave, but if he hadn’t taken up their cause, it would have been some other bozo. And mega church bozos abound and likely will for a few more years to come.

2. Whose mind is going to be changed by me pointing out how ridiculous his lies were? You know, like the one about how gay people, and feminist, and secular society in general were responsible for 9/11. His logic basically suggested that if we had been more like the extreme religious Muslims who bombed the WTC we wouldn’t have been attacked by them. People who don’t already know this line of thought for the crap it is aren’t going to be convinced by me.

So airing the only thing I have left for him, a sense of relief that he’s gone and my personal feelings about how he made a mockery of Christ’s love seems sort of pointless, but there you are.  

My friend Ken had a more loving and perhaps spiritual response I think, which was “Well, I guess he has the full revelation now.”  As we all will someday.

The one thing that makes me happy in the reporting I hear about his death is that his quotes sound as hateful and anachronistic as they really are.

(P.S.  I bet Rosie never thought she would share a blog title with Jerry Falwell.) 

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4 Comments on “For Rosie, Thoughts on Falwell”

  1. Cara Says:


  2. Citizen D Says:

    He was something. Do you ever read the online magazine Slate? Yesterday evening, an interesting article was posted on it about the bone headed things Jerry said over the years.

  3. Troy Says:

    Thanks David. Here’s the Slate article David refers to. Ugh.

  4. Rosie Says:

    Thank you Troy. I’m a bit embarrassed that I’m the last of your readers to see your column, especially since you wrote it for me, my apologies. I have always relied on you to keep me abreast of the goings on in the conservative Christian world.

    Falwell and his followers are a good reminder to me that even in our ‘free’ country, we have our own radical extremists who are probably one step away from strapping on an explosive laden vest and walking into the offices of the Nat’l Organization of Women or the ACLU and blowing themselves up. Its hard to feel ‘holier than thou’ while listening to the news about radical extremists in other countries who bomb schools that educate women after reading a page of quotes from Falwell over the years. It reminds me that in a lot of ways, we have as much work to do in this country as anywhere else in the world to facilitate more tolerance and understanding.
    Thank you Jerry Falwell for keeping me humble.

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