ANTM – Natasha Works It Out, For One Last Week?

Dionne looked completely frosted that she was going home before Natasha. I think she knew she would get cut before it was over but thought that the model dog pile she and the others pulled on Natasha during the judging would keep her safe.

I’m not a real fan of Natasha’s. She looks like a short, allergic Angelina Jolie. And that hair! I don’t know how she gets away with showing up for the judging each week without Ms. J making “hay” comments coupled with munching horse gestures.

Still, her positive attitude (real or not) is pretty impressive, especially last night when she had to listen to everyone stab her in the back. Watch out Renee and Jaslene, anyone who signed up to be a mail order bride can be classified as desperate. You better hope all of Nat’s Russian relatives are all still over there.

And has there ever been a cycle when someone wasn’t sick during a shoot? These girls need to stop smoking and take their vitamins.

“Allergic Angelina” (for Sally):9902.jpg

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11 Comments on “ANTM – Natasha Works It Out, For One Last Week?”

  1. gunstreamgirl Says:

    i have to say that natasha is sort of growing on me. i don’t know why. i guess i like that she is scrappy.
    and she does photograph beautifully.
    i’m through with jaslene.
    and through with renee although i think she is the best.
    tough choice, this final three is.

  2. OMG-say it ain’t so gunstream. Not Natasha! Why are you through with Jaslene? I did do a review of her photos since they said she has the same look every time. I still think she’s the best. True, she could try to smile in some of her photos but they haven’t given them any settings in which to do so. Rene is a hard face hag.

  3. Troy Says:

    Though a little mean this week, I don’t think that’s who Jaslene is most of the time. I think Jaslene is most likely to take direction when given from Tyra et al.

    I know they went on about Renee, but I thought her face in the photo Wednesday night was boring.

  4. Sally Says:

    I need a photo of what an allergic Angelina Jolie looks like.

  5. bigskymind Says:

    Girlfriend needs to work on her eyebrows before she looks like Angelina. Shewt…

  6. I agree Troy. There was nothing remarkable about Rene’s pic.

  7. gunstreamgirl Says:

    hard faced hag, eh? well, she doesn’t get nice points for sure in my book.
    maybe i was too harsh on jaslene. i do think that she wants the prize teh most and would bust her butt to get there.
    i just don’t see a lot of variety.
    well, time will tell!
    i’m sure i will eat my words in a couple of weeks.
    to allergies!!!!!!

  8. Cara Says:

    I was so disturbed by Natasha making out with her cell phone.

  9. Troy Says:

    Sorry Jennie, I think Julie nailed it with Renee. She may be putting on a good front now, but watch for some meanness to surface soon. I don’t think she’ll be able to surpress it much longer.

  10. Troy, do you mean Dionne? I think you’re missing our Dani from two seasons back.

  11. Troy Says:

    Thanks Dave. I can’t get Danielle off my mind. I changed the post.

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