Exeter: Making the Gay Go Away

Ex-gay Watch posted a link to this short funny video, a parody of Exodus, the ex-gay parent organization of ministries like the one I was in.  I especially like the “science” part.

Watching it reminds me of when Dave and I used to shop on the north side of Indy while pretending to be ex-gay guys married to women. We had names for our wives. His wife was “Mistie” (an impossibly beautiful former pageant queen) and my wife was “Jean” (a former lesbian who was super handy around the house).  As we thumbed through racks of merchandise, we would carry on entire conversations about how Mistie would love the print on the dress we were admiring or how understanding Jean was to let me spend all of this time shopping even though she hated when I brought things home for her to try on. It was mostly just a lame attempt to see if anyone  around us would notice. A few eyebrows raised, but that was all.

We eventually stopped the joke.  It wasn’t that we didn’t think we were hilarious. It’s just that deep down we knew it perpetuated useless stereotypes, that and after 30 trips to Country Friends, the staff got to know us too well for it to be convincing.

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One Comment on “Exeter: Making the Gay Go Away”

  1. Cara Says:

    David and I had a midmorning break and watched the video in his office. It’s histarical!

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