Hip Hop Hot Dogs (and Tots!)

Karen, Katie, and I met our friend George for lunch at King David Dogs on Tuesday.  We all work downtown, so the plan was to get dogs and tots (best in the city) and to eat on the Circle and then to tour the sort of hidden Civil War Museum that is housed in the basement of the Monument.   

It was a great day on the Circle.  The sun shone.  The trees have all leafed out (again).  The 500 Festival is gearing up so there were 20 topless orange convertibles all lined up around the monument.  The Festival Queen and her mom/manager strolled about.  A  cover band played Journey tunes on the steps.  Throw in tots and excellent dogs and lunch can’t get much better (although mine did actually improve when Karen and Katie gave me some of the tots they couldn’t eat!)  We found out the museum is closed on Tuesdays.  So we went for ice cream at South Bend Chocolate Company instead.   

We all groaned our way back to our offices, but we had a good time and no one would have to know we’d shortened our life span by 3 years with all of the hydrogenated fats we’d just eaten.   After all, what happens on the Circle stays on the Circle, right?   Then Karen tells me this morning that her husband came home from a Committee on Lay Leadership meeting at church last night.  Someone had mentioned that Karen and I are considering starting a Hip Hop Aerobics class “ministry” with some DVDs she saw on television. 

Evidently George who is also on this committee piped up with a “well, after what they’ve been eating, they’re gonna need it.”    

All I have to say is I don’t remember eating any of George’s tots.  He managed to choke them and that Crumby Cookie ice cream in a cake cone down all by himself!   I guess there will at least be three of us that show up for that first class.  

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15 Comments on “Hip Hop Hot Dogs (and Tots!)”

  1. bigskymind Says:

    Oooooh snap! The Secret Society of Deep Fried Food Eaters will not be happy with George. Life without tots is not a life worth living in my book!

  2. Oh, don’t be confused Sally! George DID eat tots on Tuesday…all of them…by himself. 🙂

  3. Cara Says:

    Do you think you could do a little two steps forward/two steps back in honor of Paula Abdul in your class?

  4. ssemester Says:

    While neither “hip hop” nor “aerobic” I will TOTALLY join y’all for the new ministry God has led you to start. Troy saw my grilled cheese for lunch today at Hoaglin, so he knows I can pass no tot-related judgments.

    I bet we could get Phyllis N. and Nancy Z. in on the aerobics…if not them, then maybe Ellie G.? (I just realized her name sounds a lot like “Ali G,” another hip hop type…maybe we could get Ellie to adopt a Bri’ish accent, wear a skull cap and a close-cropped goatee, and create all manner of havoc with hilarious faux interviews?)

  5. ssemester Says:

    …and another thing: “Groovaloos”?

  6. Troy Says:


    From now I’m going to refer to Ellie as Ellie G.

  7. jennie Says:

    I just want to know how long you get to take off for lunch – You guys have time for so much FUN on your lunch breaks!!

  8. Troy Says:

    Fortunately, all the sites mentioned in this entry are within a block’s walking distance of our offices, so an hour usually suffices. We’ll be hoofin’ it through the CW Museum when we do go. George isn’t a big fan anyway, I don’t think so he won’t care if the visit is short.

  9. runningpeanut Says:

    I am so jel but happy at the same time for all y’all. groovaloos? that name is kind of strange for adults. how about groovalosers?

  10. I’m not sure why, but that guy in the picture scares me.

  11. Chuck Says:

    Troy, you’re eating tots and learnin to dance off a video. If your lips hurt real…you ARE Napoleon Dynamite.

  12. Chuck Says:


  13. Troy Says:

    I’m just trying to get some skills.

  14. George Says:

    So I’ve been MIA. Have you started the class yet?

  15. Troy Says:

    No George. We’re waiting for you!

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