Blacula Meets Mug N’ Bun


Earlier this week our movie group at work finished up Blacula during a trip to Indy’s best Drive-in, Mug N’ Bun. The idea was to watch the movie while we ate, but Karen, Katie and Jim were so overwhelmed by their first trip to MNB that we didn’t get around to it during lunch.
Mug N Bun Fun
The menu alone is pretty heady stuff—where else can you get Potato Stars, two kinds of fried stuffed cheese poppers, and homemade root beer—by the plastic gallon jug—all in one place?! Jim bought me a gallon for driving (Thanks Jim!)

Mug N Bun Food
I’m a big fan of the onion rings. (Could my hands look any more girly?)

Mug N’ Bun is a good place to go if you’re in a hurry. You can pull up, turn on your headlights and a waitress will come right out to help you. We sat at the outdoor tables where to get service you push a button (the instructions say for two seconds—Jim counted them out). What is it about pushing buttons to order that I love? If I weren’t born in January I’d have my next birthday party at Mug N’ Bun—you can crank up the tunes on their outdoor juke box. In addition to having great food the staff is friendly and helpful. Our waitress brought us free bumper stickers, which I let Katie put on the Jeep.


By the time we finished eating we figured out that we’d have to watch the final 10 minutes of the movie on the way back to work. Since I was driving, Katie rode shotgun and narrated the action for me. She has Blacula memorized so she could tell me what was happenin’ based on the incidental music she could hear from the backseat.

While Mug N’ Bun is kind of the star of this post, the movie ranks right up there with The Legend of Boggy Creek in terms of 70s B-movie entertainment value. Heads up though, if you’re black, gay or female check your sensitive side at the door. The movie’s a case study of jarring stereotypes that are sad and surprisingly funny at the same time. In the end, Blackula’s bite truly is outta sight. Watch it with someone you love.

(So glad Karen had her camera handy. For more pictures of our outing, go here.)

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18 Comments on “Blacula Meets Mug N’ Bun”

  1. runningpeanut Says:

    Troy, did you go there after you felt brutally rebuffed after I mentioned Jackie’s birthday party on tomorrow? I love the sticker on the Jeep and can’t wait to ride around in it. It just says somethin’, y’know?

  2. Troy et al, Come one, come all to Mug-n-Bun. All are invited to the table there.
    P.S.-love this post

  3. jennie Says:

    How fun! I’d love to go to Mug N’ Bun next time we come to Indy. Those onion rings look amazing!

    You seem to have a really fun work group – I’m glad for you.

    Did you order burgers or just the sides?

  4. bigskymind Says:

    I’m so excited about my maiden voyage to the Mug N’ Bun tommorow, I can hardly wait! I probably should not eat anything between now and then, because I know I’m going to want one of everything!

  5. Barb Says:

    My suggestion is, scrap the January birthday and go for the 1/2 birthday in July!!! Or better yet, do two birthdays. Where is the Mug N’ Bun anywaY?

  6. lmb Says:

    I was just going to add a comment that this is clearly the place to celebrate your half-birthday, but looks like somebody beat me to it!

    I read an article once in the Indy Star about MnB’s root beer. Apparently the owner is so meticulous about his brew that he his recipe accounts for the temperature change in the root beer that occurs when he moves it from the basement to the main floor.

    Love the new theme, btw!

  7. Troy Says:

    Oh! I forgot about 1/2 birthdays. Good idea Barb.

    Mug N Bun: 5211 W. 10th Street (Past Tibbs but before you get to I-465).

  8. Troy Says:

    Oh, and thanks Laura.

  9. runningpeanut Says:

    The best places are either in or border Haughville and Stringtown.

  10. Serge Says:

    you always know how to make me homesick.

  11. Troy Says:

    Serge, C’mon home and let us know when you do. We’ll get up a trip to the Mug.

  12. Amy Says:

    Troy….I was just reading your blog and saw that you referenced Legend of Boggy Creek. It made me laugh out loud as we just talked about our Bigfoot ‘fetish’ on Saturday as we worked the grounds at Broadway. BTW, when I brought John home on Saturday, I told him we’d talked about Bigfoot and he said….”Oh NO”…..LOL

  13. Troy Says:

    Amy, I cannot tell you how happy our conversation about bigfoot on Saturday made me. We’ll have to start our own fan club. FYI–there are two high school boys near Terre Haute who are hunting for him on the weekends. So cute.

  14. marcie Says:

    Troy…I LOVE MNB!! It is one of my fave places in Indy’s fabulous ghetto!! 🙂

    And….is Karen’s hair brown?!?! How is it that I haven’t seen you all in 6 months and HOW did you get JIM to go with you on your lunch date?!?! That is awesome. I miss Jim. 🙂

  15. Amy Says:

    Sounds good….you can be the Prez! As I told John on Saturday, I also have a morbid fascination with sharks.If I go to pick out a DVD to watch, if there’s a shark or if Bigfoot is on the cover, I’m takin’ it home with me!

  16. jennie Says:

    Not to go all runningpeanut on you by analyzing your blog template (Hi, Dave), but can I just say that I REALLY love the new look?

  17. Troy Says:

    Thanks Jennie, but to be RP, you’d have to trash it with a flip of your wrist. I wanted more color but all of the templates I tried cut images off. I’m sure if you came to a blog summit you’d be able to show me how to keep that from happening. I’m actually liking the simpleness of this one though.

  18. michael baker Says:

    i dont what you know but that bitch gots something to tell i dont like you fucking 2 bit hack runnin round like you got somethin figured out cause you think you seen somethin well …

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