Jael – A Model Remembered

Jael is off to spread her light somewhere other than the ANTM house.

I know it was her time, but when they announced she was going I was shocked to discover a Brittany-like tear rolling down my cheek. (No lie.)

I’ll always remember Jael’s wood-spritey ways, “I just wanted to leave the photoshoot and walk in the grass and touch the animals.” Now you can, Jael. Now you can.

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10 Comments on “Jael – A Model Remembered”

  1. jennie Says:

    I love that a tear rolled down your cheek and you aren’t afraid to admit it. I am amazed at how often I cry during Oprah because I’m not even a huge Oprah fan – I get tired of her saying she’s got “the Oprah thing down,” but her shows are generally very moving for me.

  2. lmb Says:

    But who will now protect us from the evil ducks of the world?

    Actually, I’m glad to see Jael go. Her shtick was really starting to grate on me. I think Brittany takes some of the best pictures, but girl has got to grow up!

  3. I was there, I witnessed it. It was real. I feel for you. Spreader of light, distributor of joy. I bet she would connect with Claire.

  4. marcie Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHH…I wish I hadn’t come here!! I TIVOED it…NOW I know! 😦 I usually avoid these things, but really it was her time to go. Although she photographed well, I can only imagine the crazy drama that she caused behind the scenes. I will still watch! I love to see what Nigel has to say. Isn’t he the hottest??

  5. bigskymind Says:

    Everytime D talks about this girl and says her name, I can’t help thinking she’s Superman’s second cousin twice removed or somthing.

  6. Troy Says:

    She does have super human abilities to love and speak unintelligably.

  7. gunstreamgirl Says:


  8. Troy Says:

    Jule, The thing I’ll miss most about Jael is your impression of her. So sorry I didn’t get your phone message during last weeks episode! My phone was probably det. Next week I’ll have it right by us so you can phone in anytime you want, and we hope you will. In my opinion, you could even be (pause) ANTM.

  9. gunstreamgirl Says:

    oh, i didn’t get the message in time! but i’d love to be your ANTM top model. i’m glad brittany got to stick around this week b/c she photographs beautifully, but lord she is dramatic!

  10. Troy Says:

    Marcie, didn’t notice your question at first. If Nigel is not THE hottest, he’s pretty far up there in my opinion.

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