Add A Comment on Elbow Grease

My friend Jennie posted a little something on lotions and elbows, and so far it has 24 comments!  I love that elbow dryness has struck such a universal chord,  and in fact I would like to see even MORE comments added.  Would you click over there and add one?  My goal is for hers to be the first site that Google produces when someone searches “dry elbows.” If you have a minute, would you help out?  It’s for a worthy cause.  Jennie is an excellent blogger.

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4 Comments on “Add A Comment on Elbow Grease”

  1. jennie Says:

    Oh, but Troy – I think I have the search engines blocked! I started getting a little nervous at some of the search phrase results and thought some of my co-workers might be able to find me. I’m still amazed by the number of comments, though!

  2. Troy Says:

    Speaking of search engine results, are those not the craziest things? Karen and I have thought about starting a blog where we have to create entries based on every search phrase used to get to our site.

  3. jennie Says:

    I was entertained by them until one search pertained to my place of employment. I apparently typed the name of my employer by accident in an old post and it made me so nervous I had to disable the search engine function! It’s been sad without the entertaining results, but not worth me being discovered!!

  4. OptogyRog Says:

    Thanks the author!

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