Prediction: Manning will Join Five-Timers Club

With his outsized body, sweet goofy face, and fifty bazillion endorsements that air each week on television; I really didn’t doubt that Peyton would be a natural for hosting Saturday Night Live. I love it when Southerners host SNL. The combination has produced three of my favorite moments of the show:

With Dolly Parton:

Dolly Parton with her guitar talking with the SNL cast members sitting casually around her, joking and discussing her various career experiences.

Phil Hartman: Tell us a story about your hadrscrabble life growing up in the hills of Tennessee.

Dolly (dismissively): Don’t patronize me Phil.

With Garth Brooks:

Garth is dressed up as a woman to play an old French whore in a game show called “Old French Whore.” His character quotes French philosophy as she helps her john answer his questions.

Then last night with Peyton:

A commercial with Peyton mentoring children. Sitting on a park bench after throwing the football with them.

Peyton: I’ll kill a snitch. I’m not saying I have. I’m not saying I haven’t.

There were other moments, too. For some reason I thought the scene with Peyton as an actor filming a scene as a giant in 300 who never manages to throw his rock was hilarious. The coach trying to inspire his team at half-time by having them listen to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’s Casino Royale was fun (Peyton’s geeky dance was even kind of hot in a weird way.).

Was he the best host? Probably not, but he’s so likable. I bet he took direction well and the pool of potential irony surrounding Peyton is bottomless. And irony is what keeps SNL going (for how long I wonder, but I’ve been wondering that for 20 years). I’d watch him again unless he turns out to be a Digot like his coach. If he keeps playing well I’ll bet we’ll get the chance.

BTW, where was Peyton’s wife, Ashleigh? Was she there? The rest of his family and inlaws were, and it was his birthday. Did I miss her?

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4 Comments on “Prediction: Manning will Join Five-Timers Club”

  1. rayk Says:

    Digot? Don’t know that term. I can guess given the reference to Dungy. Definition?

  2. Troy Says:

    Digot=A Dungy bigot (aka–Smater or smiling hater). The kind of bigot who says they love the person they are working to keep in a socially, legally and economically disadvantaged position (like gay people, their children and their committed partners). The facade of love is maintained to produce the illusions of tolerance and kindness, which softens the Digot’s message and empowers other would-be Digots to feel better about themselves.

  3. What an accurate description.

  4. Citizen D Says:

    I definitely want to try to catch that Dolly Parton sketch sometime. I really like both her and Phil Hartman. Great comic timing, both of them.

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