Tony Dungy–Indiana’s Newest High Profile Bigot

Dungy got into bed with the Indiana Family Institute (note: whenever you see the words “family” and “institute” together, prepare to see some way ugly hate disguised as love). I have to admit, I expected more from him. I’m learning not to expect more nor be surprised by anything I hear. I’m glad to at least know that he’s not as thoughtful and caring as I thought he was.

From USA Today:

The Super Bowl-winning coach “embraced” the stance of an Indiana organization supporting an amendment to the state constitution that would ban gay marriages, and he added Tuesday night at a gathering of the Indiana Family Institute that he’s “on the Lord’s side.”

“We’re not trying to downgrade anyone else,” said Dungy, coach of the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts. “But we’re trying to promote the family — family values the Lord’s way,” Dungy said. “IFI is saying what the Lord says. You can take that and make your decision on which way you want to be.”

Wait, family values the Lord’s way? I thought that meant unconditional love, sacrifice, encouragment, provision, fruits of the spirit. I guess the 200,000 plus gay families with children in the U.S. don’t know anything about that. Not to mention the other hundreds of thousands of gay couples just trying to protect their relationships from organizations like Dungy’s new best friends–the Indiana Family Institute.

Nope, for the Focus on the Phallus crowd, it all comes down to genitals and nothing else. How base and ridiculous!

Sorry Tony. I don’t buy it, sincere as you may be, your position is nothing if not “downgrading” to me and my family. And it’s just one more reason why we’re getting out of here just as soon as we can. Thanks for the reminder.

Oh and by the way, Tony, where I come from, the “Lord’s Way” the Biblical way even, once meant holding slaves and other institutional ideas the Holy Spirit has since shown us are moral atrocities. You might want to keep the history books open.

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7 Comments on “Tony Dungy–Indiana’s Newest High Profile Bigot”

  1. ramblinjaq Says:

    thanks for pointing this out. i’ve been blindly pleased with “us” (read: indianapolis-ians) for having such a great face of acceptance and all around good guyness represent us on a national stage. and i’m bummed to discover that tony dungy’s good guyness isn’t what i thought it was. i guess i never expected him to come out in support of gay marriage, but i certainly didn’t anticipate he would end up being just as anti-christian as all those other self-proclaimed bigoted christians. what a disappointment.

  2. Rachel Says:

    I was terribly disappointed but not surprised by Dungy’s comments. To be even more honest, I do not like the fact that he uses God and football in the same sentence, at least the way he uses them together.

  3. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Very disappointed. Where do these people get off thinking they’ve got the inside track to “the Lord’s way.”

  4. bigskymind Says:

    He has always been a little “promise keepery” to me. It makes me profoundly sad that someone who has achieved accolades as a minority role model could be so judgemental.

  5. hurricanebroadus Says:

    The inside track to the Lord’s way is called the Bible. Everyone has access to it. Just because Tony Dungy doesn’t support gay marriage doesn’t mean he hates gays. I don’t support gay marriage myself and I don’t have to respect a gay person’s lifestyle but that doesn’t mean I hate gays. Gay marriage is not the Lord’s way—its Biblical.

  6. Troy Says:


    1. I’m sorry, but there are 200,000 gay families with children in the U.S. Whether you “respect” us or not makes little difference. We exist. Deliberately denying our families the same rights and protections that your family can have is hateful and unamerican. You and Dungy can try to convince yourself and others that you love us, but your actions speak much louder.

    2. The Bible was the “way” to justify slavery for centuries, but we figured out the difference between cultural norms and justice on that issue. The same will happen in this case.

    3. The “Lord’s Way” was polygamy for most of God’s biblical heavy hitters–David, Abraham, Jacob, so don’try to feed me that line. And if you take Genesis literally, incest was also the “Lord’s way” or Cain and Abel wouldn’t have had children. Your biblical understanding is immature. Just because there aren’t any examples of gay marriage as we understand it today in the Bible doesn’t mean that God does not approve.

    P.S. You assume that gay people don’t read the Bible. I’ve read it cover to cover many times and still find it useful. I also find that many of the legalistic rules and regs some of my Christian brothers and sister hold fast to were specific to culture 2000 years ago. The Holy Spirit still teaches us.

  7. SpeemeRhimi Says:

    Cool post, maybe you dream fof writters?

    Sry, hehe))

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